DATE: 8 March 1945

39 B-24’s took off at 0823 – 0846 hours to bomb KOMAROM M/Y. One returned early due to mechanical failure. 38 A/C were over target at 1254 hours but did not bomb due to target being completely overcast. Bomb load was 8 – 500 lb GP and RDX mixed per A/C.
The one early return jettisoned 2 tons
Two of the 38 A/C over target jettisoned 4 tons
36 A/C returned to base 72 tons
38 returned to base at 1530 hours. None lost, missing or at friendly

Rendezvoused over GRUJ (4241 N – 1743 E) as the lead group in the Wing formation, thence to keypoint DRVENIK (4327 N 1605 E) to turnpoint ZALAEGERSZEG (4651 N – 1651 E) to turnpoint NAGWAGYAR (4807 N – 1725 E) to the IP VAGSELLYE (4809 N 1752 E) to target, making the attack on an axis of 156° true. The target was completely overcast (see report of weather appearing hereafter) and the target being a visual target only, no attack was made. The rally was left to rally point PILISCSABA (1738 N – 1850 E), thence to turnpoint PARS (4638 N – 1851 E) to turnpoint KLJUC (4432 N 1647 E) to base.
On the route out scattered low cloud prevailed over South Italy becoming clear over the Adriatic and the Dalmatian Coast, but increasing again to overcast over Dinaric Alps. Over interior of Yugoslavia there were broken low cloud with scattered high clouds. The low clouds continued for remainder of route with broken middle or high level clouds with tops at 20,000 feet, commencing just north of Lake Balaton. Visibility about 1.5 miles throughout. Over the target there were 9/10 low clouds, with 7/10 middle or high clouds from 16,000 to 20,000 feet, and extensive vapor trails at bombing altitude. Visibility 20 miles. Winds at 22,000 feet from 350° at 65 MPH. On return the weather was the same as route out with Adriatic and South Italy covered with only 4/10 low clouds at 6,000 feet.
Red Force rendezvoused with 40 P-38’s at 1152 hours at 4630 N – 1645 E at 23,000 feet. Escort departed at 1330 hours at 4546 N 1803 E at 21,500 feet. Blue Force rendezvoused with 25 P-38’s at 1120 hours at 4505 N – 1630 E at 20,000 feet, with departure at 1400 hours at 4600 N – 1800 E at 23,000 feet.
Escort excellent.

Because of weather, as stated in paragraph II hereof, no attack was made.

A. Fighters: None.
B. Flak –S – I – H at the target.

None lost, none damaged , no casualties, no victories.

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