MISSION: MARIBOR Locomotive Depot
DATE: 9 March 1945

38 B-24’a took off at 1023 hours to attack MARIBOR Locomotive Depot and Wagon Repair Shops. 9 a/c dropped 18 tons of 500 lb GP bombs on target of opportunity, two bridges at ST PAUL (4642 N – 1442 E) at 1500 hours from 24,000 feet. 26 a/c finding the primary and alternate targets overcast because of a shortage of fuel jettisoned 52 tons of bombs in the BLEIMBURG, VOLKERMARKT and JUDENBERG areas on commend of the group leader. There were 3 early returns. 35 a/c returned to base at 1743 hours. None lost, none missing, none at friendly fields.

Rendezvoused over SAN VITO at 1140 hours proceeding to right of briefed course because of weather to 4246 N – 1648 E to turnpoint TOPLICE (4608 N 1500 E) to turnpoint VOLKERMARKT (4640 N – 1438 E) to turnpoint TWIMBERG (4655 N – 1451 E) to I.P. STAINZ (4654 N 1516 E). Proceeding on bomb run discovering the primary to be cloud obscured turned off bomb run and headed for the KLAGENFURT area. After circling the area and discovering the alternate targets to be overcast the group leader because of excessive fuel consumption ordered the formation to jettison it’s bombs and return to base. The 716th Squadron leader sighting two river bridges at ST PAUL (4642 N – 1442 E), elected to drop on this target of opportunity the balance of the formation jettisoning their bombs headed for the briefed return course reaching 4517 N – 1602 E continuing to turnpoint PREJEDOR (4458 N 1643 E) to base.
Weather along route was overcast low clouds over South Italy to 11,000 feet breaking slightly over Adriatic but with tops to 16,000 feet. Remainder of route over Yugoslavia nearly overcast low clouds with few scattered high clouds above flight level. Visibility over 20 miles throughout. Primary target was covered with 8/10 low clouds with tops at 9,000 feet. Alternate that was bombed was covered with the same amounts. Visibilities over both were over 30 miles.
Wind at bombing altitude from 350° at 65 mph. Return was game as route out except that the Adriatic was completely filled with broken middle clouds from 11 to 15,000 feet and nearly overcast high clouds at 19,000 feet. Over base on return scattered low clouds at 5,000 feet with broken middle clouds above 10,000 feet.
Rendezvoused with 30-35 P-38’s at 1305 hours at 4608 N – 1500 E. Escort departed at 1508 hours at 4635 N – 1530 E.

Although the 716th Squadron sighted it’s target visually no assessment is possible because immediately after bombs away clouds completely obscured the target.

A. Fighters: None.
B. Flak –none.

None lost, none damaged , no casualties, no victories

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