DATE: 14 March 1945

40 B-24’s took off at 08140 hours to attack VARAZDIN M/Y. 20 A/C dropped 48.5 tons of 500 lb mixed RDX and GP bombs on alternate target ZAGREB W. M/Y at 1221 hours from 22,0G0′ to 24,000′. 20 A/C finding the target 10/10 overcast did not drop and brought back 49 tons of 500 lb mixed RDX and GP bombs to base. 40 A/C returned to base at 1445 hours. None lost, None missing, and none at friendly fields.

Rendezvoused over CAZZA (4246 N 1631 E) at 1023 ½ hours at 14,000′ as lead group in the Wing line. Continued on course to TP, BOSTANJ (4601 N 1517 E) to IP, PTUJ (4626 N 1553 E). Passing over primary target which was 10/10 overcast elected to attack alternate target ZAGREB rallying as briefed to right then swinging north to IP for ZAGREB SUCRETJE (4605 N 1534 E) passing over it on briefed axis and continued down the bomb run. The target was cloud obscured but the run was made satisfactorily by PFF methods until approximately 30 seconds before bombs away at which time a break in the clouds permitted the target to be clearly identified. In the short time permitting visual corrections were made and bombs were released. The 719th Squadron in trail of the 718th lead Squadron getting the benefit of the temporary break over the target for a longer period of time was able to site visually and also released its bombs. By the time the 716th and 717th squadrons arrived over the target it had again become closed in and they elected to return their bombs to base. The formation rallied right off the target and continued on a direct line to CAZZA (4246 N 1631 E) approximating the course taken on the route out thence to base.
Route weather was clear over south Italy and the Adriatic. Scattered middle and high level clouds in thin layers over Yugoslavia starting at KNIN and increasing northward toward the target. The target weather was 10/10 middle clouds with tops at 14,000 ft with few breaks. Also 2/10 high clouds to about 22,000 ft. Visibility 20 miles. Wind at bombing altitude from 320 degrees at 20 miles per hour. Return weather was only scattered low clouds over Adriatic on return with CAVU conditions over south Italy and base.
Rendezvous was made with 28 P-51’s at 1126 hours at (41455 N 1520E). The escort departed at 1240 hours at (4450 N 1550 E).

718th Squadron – Approximately 45 bursts in open areas from 3,000’ to 4,000’ west of aiming point.
719th Squadron – Approximately 70 bursts are plotted around aiming point. At least 17 bursts on tracks in M/Y with other bursts in already damaged building area.

A. Fighters: None.
B. Flak –at target was reported as S – I – H

None lost, One major damaged, no casualties, no victories.

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