DATE: 19 March 1945

40 B-24’s took off at 0901 to 0923 hours to bomb LANDSHUT M/Y. One returned early jettisoning 2 tons of bombs in the Adriatic. 30 dropped 60 tons of 100 lb GP bombs on target at 1355 hours from 16,0001 to 18,000’.
9 dropped 18 tons on LANBACH M/Y (4806 N – 1353 E), a target of opportunity at1423 hours from 17,000′. The lead of these 9 A/C (B-2 Box) did not drop on the PT because of the bombardier’s failure to turn on his rack switch. The entire box held their bombs until the target of opportunity was attacked. 39 returned to base at 1355 hours. None lost, missing or at friendly fields.

Rendezvoused over -SAN VITO behind the 376th and 98th Groups as third group in the Wing at 0957 hours at 3,000′ . From this point the route to the IP was flown as briefed with no deviations. The IP, HAAG (4810 N 1211E) was reached at 1346 hours at 18,000 feet. An attack was made on the target on the briefed axis. On the bomb run the lead bombardier of B-2 Box did not turn on his rack switch and his bombs did not release. The entire box held their bombs, and, using the next navigational check point , ZELL (4819 N – 1339 E), as an IP, the box bombed the M/Y at LAMBACH (4806 N – 1353 E). The reminder of the return route was flown as briefed. All bombings were visual.
8 P-38’s were encountered as escort at 1225 hours at (4532 N 1507 E) at 1,000′ . They were last sighted at 150 hours at (4640 N – 1445 E) at 16,700’.
In the target area 3/10 Cumulus with tops at 10,000′ and 10/10 high Cirrostratus at 25,000′ were encountered. Visibility was unrestricted and the target was easily seen.

The following results were determined by analysis of bombstrike photos: Landshut M,/Y.
717th Sq (A-1): Pattern starts short of yard and carries across yard immediately east of locomotive depot.
716th Sq (A-2); Pattern starts short of yard and walks across with main weight of bombs on AP. A large explosion is observed at south and of yard.
719th Sq(B-1): Concentrated pattern in M/Y and on locomotive depot.
LAMBACH M/Y Target of opportunity:
718th Sq (B-2): Pattern fell across railway lines 2,000; SW of M/Y. Train on tracks at time of bombing probably damaged.

A. Fighters: None.
B. Flak –None.

None lost, none damaged, no casualties, no victories.

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