DATE: 21 March 1945

32 B-24’s took off at 0703 hours to attack the NEUBURG A/D, 31 a/c dropped 55.8 tons of 100 lb fragmentation bombs on primary target at 1156 hours from 20,500 to 23,900 feet. 1 a/c turned back short of target because of mechanical trouble and dropped 1.8 tons on target of opportunity ST JOHANN M/Y (4732 N – 1220 B) at 1122 hours from 20,100 feet. 32 a/c returned to base at hours. None lost, none missing and none at friendly fields.

Rendezvoused over MANDURIA at 0753 ½ hours at 4,000 feet on course to SAN VITO as second group in the Wing line behind the 450th Group. The course to and from the target was as briefed. 1 a/c because of mechanical difficulty turned back at 1114 hours at 4723 N – 1255 E and elected to drop on ST JOHANN M/Y (4732 N – 1220 3) thence to Base.
Weather on route out was clear to lightly scattered low clouds over south Italy and south Adriatic. Over central and north Adriatic broken thin layers of middle and high level clouds, with low overcast on both slopes of the Alps. North of Alps, clouds thinned to clear. At the target there was 4/10 middle level clouds to 17,C00 feet with 9/10 high clouds well above bombing altitude. Same weather on return with south Italy and the Base clear but hazy.
Rendezvous was made with approximately 30 P-51’s at 1045 hours at 4624 N 1222 E. Escort provided cover to target and withdrawal and departed at 1310 hours at 4415 N – 1530 E.

Because of oxygen malfunction in the nose during the bomb run the lead bombardier and navigator became confused just before bombs away and were not certain of their calculations when bombs were released. The following is the photographic interpretation of the results by squadrons:
718th Sqdn (A-1): General pattern of bursts J to 1 mile east of aiming point with bursts walking into eastern end of A/D.
716th Sgdn (A-2): General pattern of bursts across western portion of A,/D and dispersal areas. 2 s/e a/c probably destroyed and an additional 2 s/e a/c probably damaged by these bursts. Other bursts in north part of hangar area.
716th Sqdn (B-1): Strings of bursts develop across center of A/D south of hangars. Other bursts in dispersal area east and northeast of Bangers with two 5/e a/c probably destroyed by these bursts.
717th Sqdn (B-2): General pattern of bursts in A/D south of hanger area.

A. Fighters: None.
B. Flak – None

None lost, none damaged, no casualties, no victories.

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