MISSION: VIENNA SE Communications Targets
DATE: 22 March 1945

40 B-24’s took off at 0814 – 0637 hours to bomb VIENNA SE Communications Targets. 36 a/c dropped 71.5 tons of 500 lb RDX bombs on target at 1226 – 1229 hours from 23,600 to 26,500 feet. 3 early returns jettisoned 6 tons because of mechanical reasons, and one early return returned 2 tons to base. 31 returned base at 1520 hours. None lost, two missing (believed in Russian Territory), and three at friendly fields.

Executed a remote rendezvous over CAZZA (4246 N – 1631 E), as the fourth group in the Wing formation, thence to VRGADA (1351 N – 1531 E) to JUDENBURG (4710 N – 1440 E,) to SCHEIBBS (4800 N – 1510 E) to IP GRAFENDORF (4809 N – 1332 E) to target, attacking on an axis of 85° true. The rally was right to rally point of PREIN (4741 N – 1546 E) to base.
Rendezvoused with 16 P-38’s at 1045 hours at 4430 N – 1325 E at 18,000 feet. Escort departed at 1350 hours at 4330 N – 1631 E.
On the route out there were no clouds near flight level, but scattered middle level clouds in patches over Yugoslavia and north of the Alps. At the target, 4/10 middle level cloud with tops at 13,000 feet. Visibility over 30 miles. Wind at bombing altitude from 330° at 65 MPH. The return route was the same as on route out – with maximum clouds at 4/10 middle. Clear over Adriatic and South Italy.

Bomb strike photos show good concentration of bursts on work shops and storage sidings of M/Y. Substantial concentration of bursts in residential area immediately West of M/Y.
Strike assessment by squadrons:
A-1 716th Squadron – Approximately 40 bursts plotted up to 2,000 feet West of aiming point with at least 19 of these bursts on storage sidings. The remainder of plotted-bursts in residential area.
A-2 717th Squadron – 14 bursts from this Squadron are plotted in Western side of the storage sidings with 40 more bursts plotted in residential area immediately West.
B-1 718th Squadron – Approximately 52 bursts plotted in residential area up to 2,500 feet West of aiming point. 4 additional bursts in M/Y.
B-2 719th Squadron – Approximately 60 bursts plotted on work shops and sidings at Northern end of M/Y. A few of these plotted bursts are in residential area immediately North.

A. Fighters: None.
B. Flak – I – A – H flak was aimed and of 4 to 6 minutes duration. One crew reported firing in bursts of ten.

Two lost ( 41-28902, 42-50742) , 17 damaged (7 major), 2 minor casualties, no victories.

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