DATE: 1 April 1945

32 B-24’s took off at 0927 – 0942 hours to bomb ST. POLTEN M/Y. None returned early. 32 dropped 77.25 tons of 500 RDX bombs on target at 1341 hours from 18,200 to 21,200′. 1 of the 32 A/C over the jettisoned 1/4 ton in the Adriatic because of a malfunction. 32 returned to base at 1657 hours. None lost, missing or at friendly fields.

Executed a remote assembly over CAZZA Island as the lead group in the wing formation, thence to VRGADA (4351 N – 1531 3), to LESC (4633 N 1455 E) to ST. STEFAN (4655 N – 1543 E) to the IP GLOGGNITZ (4741 N – 1557 E) to target, attacking on an axis of 338°True. The rally left to rally point WIESELBURG (4808 N – 1508 E) to GRAFENSTEIN (4636 N – 1427 E) to ZMAN (4358 N – 1507 3) to base.
Rendy with 35-40 P-51’s at 1256 hours at LESC (4633 N – 1455 E), who departed at 1444 hours at (4330 N – 1503 E).
Weather on the route out was nearly clear with unlimited visibility north to the Alps. From the Alps the formation encountered broken patches of middle clouds from 18,000′ to 20,000′ in which visibility was 10 miles. Snow was present in these clouds. From the target there were no low clouds, but 2/10 middle clouds extended to 20,000′ and above formation, with 5/10 Cirrus clouds above 25,000′. Visibility 30 miles. Wind at bombing altitude from 335° at 35 MPH. On route back weather was the same as on route out with south Adriatic and south Italy generally clear.

Bomb strike photos show an excellent pattern of bombs. All tracks at central choke point of M/Y are cut in several places.
Results by squadrons are as follows:
A-1 716th Squadron – Approximately 48 bursts from this Squadron may be plotted in immediate area of aiming point with at least 15 of these bursts being in M/Y.
A-2 717th Squadron – Approximately 38 bursts plotted from this Squadron immediately east of aiming point with at least 6 of these bursts being on tracks in M/Y.
B-2 718th Squadron – Smoke from preceding Squadron hampers complete plot however good camera coverage allows approximately 43 bursts to be plotted. These bursts are from 200 to 1000 feet east of aiming point with at least 9 falling on central choke point.
B-2 719th Squadron – General pattern of approximately 70 bursts plotted in built-up area immediately south of aiming point with 6 of these bursts being on tracks at South edge of choke point.

A. Fighters: None.
B. Flak –none.

None lost, none damaged, no casualties, no victories.

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