24 B-24’s took off at 0744 to 0812 hours to bomb Casarsa Diversion R/R Bridge. None returned early. 24 dropped 60 tons of 500 lb RDX bombs on target at 1255 hours from 19,600 to 21,650 feet. 22 returned to base at 1520 hours. None lost, missing, or at friendly fields. 2 a/c landed at at friendly field, 1 of which was too badly damaged to return to base. The second a/c ferried both crews to base at 1736 hours.

Rendezvoused as third group in the Wing line over Manduria in front of 450th Group at 0837 hours at 6,000 feet. Departed Manduria with briefed 10 minute interval behind first wave on briefed course. The formation arrived over its I.P. Barcis (4612N-1233E) at 1248 hours at 21,000 feet. An attack was made on the target on an axis from 133 to 148 degrees true. A sharp rally was made to the right which brouth the formation to Pramaggiore (4548N-1244E) from which point the briefed return route was flown.

Broken low clouds were encountered enroute to the Apenines where scattered middle clouds to 16,000 feet interfered with the bomb run. One cloud patch was directly over the aiming point.

The briefed escort of P-38’s were not sighted. However, some P-51’s were seen in the target area.


The following results were obtained from bombstrike photsl. Clouds immediately over the target caused bombardiers to loss the target repeatedly on the run in.

718th Sq (A-1) Pattern of 32 bursts plotted 200 to 1,200 feet south of aiming point.

719th Sq (A-2) Pattern starts 1,500 feet North of aiming point. 2 probable hits are plotted on the center of the main road bridge.

716th Sq (B-1) 29 bursts plotted immediately south of west end of bridge. No damage to bridge or approach.

717th Sq (B-2) 18 bursts plotted in river bed 2,000 feet southwest of aiming point.


A. Fighters: None.

B. Flak:

718 Squadron (A-1), Target time:1255; Axis of Attack: 133 degrees; Bomb Alt: 21,000 feet; Flak: S/M-A-H; No aircraft damaged.

718 Squadron (A-2), Target time:1255; Axis of Attack: 145 degrees; Bomb Alt: 20,500 feet; Flak: S/M-A-H; No aircraft damaged.

716 Squadron (B-1), Target time:1256; Axis of Attack: 148 degrees; Bomb Alt: 20,500 feet; Flak: S-A/I-H; One aircraft slightly damaged.

717 Squadron (B-2), Target time:1257; Axis of Attack: 146 degrees; Bomb Alt: 20,000 feet; Flak: S/M-A-H; One aircraft severely damaged, one aircraft slightly damaged.

[Losses: None. Damage: From flak — 3 (1 severe, 2 slight). Casualties: None.]

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