40 B-24’s took off from 0746 to 0808 hours to bomb the Mairhof R/R Bridge. 40 dropped 100 tons of 1,000 lb RDX bombs on target from 1219 to 1222 hours from 16,900 to 18,500 feet. 40 returned to base at 1600 hours. None lost, none missing, and none at friendly fields.

Rendezvoused over Cassa on course at 10,000 feet at 0921 hours as Wing lead ahead of the 450th Group. The route to target was as briefed attacking on an axis of 243 degrees true. The formation rallied left to Morter (4637N-1049E) from whence the briefed course was flown to base.

The weather at target was CAVU and to and from the target in no way interferred with the progress of the formation.

Approximately 20 P-51’s met the formation at 1100 hours at 4550N-1418E provided penetration, target and withdrawal cover and were last sighted at 1320 hours at 4410N-1050E. The escort was evaluated as very good to excellent.


Bombstrike photos show the following results by squadrons.

719th Sq (A-1) 38 bursts from this squadron may be plotted immediately around the North end of the bridge. One hit on north end of bridge, 2 very near misses near center of bridge and 3 hits on tracks north of bridge.

718th Sq (A-2) 25 bursts may be plotted outside smoke obscured area with 2 hits on secondary road 1,000 feet northwest of target. Complete camera coverage indicates majority of bursts have hit in smoke obscured area.

717th Sq (B-1) 22 bursts plotted immediately northwest of target with remainder of bursts believed to be smoke obscured.

716th Sq (B-2) Due to accidental release by deputy lead of squadron, part of this squadron dropped 4,000 feet northwest of bridge. 27 bursts are poltted in area with one hit on F/F tracks 3,800 feet from target. Other a/c of this squadron dropped into smoke obscured area with 7 bursts being plotted outside the smoke.


A. Fighters: None.

B. Flak:

719 Squadron (A-1), Target time:1220; Axis of Attack: 243 degrees; Bomb Alt: 18,000 feet; Flak: none.

718 Squadron (A-2), Target time:1220; Axis of Attack: 238 degrees; Bomb Alt: 18,500 feet; Flak: 1 a/c reported S-I-H.

717 Squadron (B-1), Target time:1221; Axis of Attack: 262 degrees; Bomb Alt: 17,400 feet; Flak: none;

716 Squadron (B-2), Target time:1222; Axis of Attack: 256 degrees; Bomb Alt: 17,000 feet; Flak: 2 a/c reported S-I-H.

[Losses: None. Damage: None. Casualties: None.]

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