Mission Number: 56

Date: 7 May ’44

Target: Bucharest, Romania M/Y

449th A/C Over Target: No Attack

Tons of Bombs Dropped:


Enemy A/C Destroyed:

449th A/C Lost:


[A narrative mission report was not filed for this mission. The final flash report sent to Wing Headquarters provided the only recorded summary of the mission. The flash report is paraphrased as follows: Thirty-five B-24’s took off. Thirty returned at 1210 hours. Five returned early. Place and time turned back (4353N – 2132E) at 1010 hours. Why turned back — followed lead of 450th. Weather: very hazy at 17,000 feet; visibility about 2 miles; looked worse ahead; descending. Disposition of bombs: 78 tons brought back. Six ships jettisoned 9-1/2 tons (three ships jettisoning 7-1/2 tons were early returns.)]

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