Mission Number: 7

Date: 16 Jan ’44

Target: Osoppo, Italy Landing Ground

449th A/C Over Target: 23

Tons of Bombs Dropped: 55 GP

Flak: H-S-I

Enemy A/C Destroyed: 0

449th A/C Lost: 1

Results: Poor

Twenty-nine B-24-H’s took off to bomb the airdrome at Ossoppo, Italy, today. Of these planes twenty-three went over the target in two sections of nine and fourteen planes, respectively. Many hits were claimed on the airfield, of which 10 were confirmed as direct hits in the center of the field by photographs. Crews of nine ships were positive of these claimed hits. Hits were also observed by crews of five ships on buildings near a high knoll NE of the field, accompanied by white smoke, and one of this group observed two large explosions following the bomb hits covering the target with smoke at least 500 feet high. 55 tons of 500-lb GP .1 and .025 bombs were dropped at 1317 hours from 21,900 to 23,500 feet; but 2-1/2 tons were jettisoned into the sea by one of the planes which reached the target. From the six planes which returned early, four jettisoned 10 tons into the sea, and two returned 5 tons to the home base.

One aircraft was lost after leaving the target. It is reported as having been ditched in the Adriatic Sea about 25 miles from Venice, Italy.

There were no attacks by enemy planes.

There was no flak over the target area. However, slight to moderate, heavy flak, accurate as to altitude but not as to range, was observed by five planes at Pola. [Slight flak was also observed over a number of other towns along the flight line to the target.]

Six aircraft returned early for reasons as follows: (1) sinus trouble of copilot (one a/c); (2) guns of 3 turrets inoperative (one a/c); (3) two turrets inoperative (one a/c); (4) two generators and two turbos out (one a/c); (5) excessive gas consumption (one a/c); (6) and, one that turbo failed and one partially failed (one a/c).

No damage was caused by flak or enemy aircraft.

Weather over target CAVU. Slight ground haze.

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