Forty B-24’s took off at 0519 hours to bomb Simeria M/Y. Two returned early, of which 1 jettisoned 2-1/2 tons in Adriatic and the other returned bombs to San Pan. Thirty-eight over target at 0935 hours at 18,700 to 21,300 feet. Thirty-six dropped on target 87-1/2 tons of 500-lb GP bombs with .1 & .01 and .1 and .025 mixed fusing. Two jettisoned 5 tons, at 0907 hours at 4630N – 2112E and at 0929 hours at Vetel (4555N – 2250E). One jettisoned 1 ton at 0841 hours, 4640N – 2010E. Thirty-eight returned at 1220 hours.

Rendezvoused with 98th Group over San Vito at 5,000 feet, on course to key point (4228N – 1825E) to turn point Berettyo Ujfah (4713N – 2132E) to turn point Salard (4714N – 2202E) where this group was intercepted from the left by a group ahead. It was necessary to move out sharply to the right, thereby causing sections to jam. Lead section then made dog-leg to the right to enable our formation to work itself into position and in proper trail over target. Rallied right and continued on course to key point to base.

Rendezvous was made with 16 P-38’s at 0858 hours at 20,000 ft at Orader, departing at 1128 hours at 9,000 feet, 4240N – 1800E. Rendezvous with P-51’s at 1012 hours at 4407N – 2120E, departed at 1126 at Sararo at 9,500 feet.

Visual observation indicated generally poor results although the target was reported hit. It was also reported as having been hit by a preceding group. Bomb strike photos confirm at least ten bursts in north end of M/Y with one hit on choke point …. Remaining bursts were largely in open fields and a few houses hit.

Fighters: None.

Flak: In the target area this group experienced slight, inaccurate, light flak, 4 to 6 guns. Slight, inaccurate, heavy flak (4 bursts) was reported at Belgrade, 0807 hours, 18,500 feet.

Total Losses: None.

Damage: None.

Casualties: None.

Victories: None.

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