Forty B-24’s took off at 0929 hours to bomb Bologna Main M/Y. Three returned early, all three jettisoned bombs. Thirty-seven dropped 91.5 tons of 500-lb GP bombs with mixed .1 & .01 and .1 and .025 fusing, on Bologna Main M/Y at 1326 hours from 21,500 feet. One jettisoned 1.0 ton in target area, 1 minute late due to malfunction. Thirty-seven returned at 1601 hours.

Rendezvoused with 98th Group over San Vito at 4,000 feet on course to key point (4340N – 1350E), thence to turn point (4415N – 1230E), where it was necessary to make doglegs to stay behind other groups. Attacked target on an axis of 328°, rallied left and route back was reciprocal of route out.

Rendezvoused with escort at 1228 hours, 18,000 feet. Escort was reported as good, into, over, and upon withdrawal. Escort departed near Ancona, 1425 hours, 10,000 feet.

Visual observation was obscured by smoke but results believed to be good. Smoke prevents counting of bursts in the briefed target. Fourteen (14) bursts in roundhouse area … with direct hits on roundhouse. Several scattered bursts went in the residential district of the town.

Fighters: None seen.

Flak: Over the target this group experienced slight, inaccurate, heavy flak.

Total losses: None.

Damage: None.

Casualties: None.

Victories: None.

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