Forty B-24’s took off at 0456 – 0526 hours to bomb Oberpfaffenhofen A/D Installations. Four returned early. Thirty-five dropped 84-1/4 tons of 500-lb GP bombs, fused .1 nose, and mixed tail .01 and .025, on the alternate target of Porto Marghera Oil Installations at 1033 – 1035 hours from 22,400 to 25,000 feet. Of the four early returns, two returned 5 tons to base, and two jettisoned 5 tons. Two A/C of the thirty-five over target jettisoned 1 ton in order to keep in formation. One A/C dropped 2-1/2 tons on Udine A/D at 0908 hours from 18,500 feet.

A combination of events prevented an attack upon the primary target. A group of red-tailed B-24’s forced this group off course on the approach to the target which would have necessitated this group to go into primary target from 25 to 30 minutes after briefed target time. Weather appeared to be building up in the Munich area, and the Pathfinder equipment on the lead A/C was out. 33 A/C returned to base at 1255 to 1312 hours. One A/C returned at 1822 hours after landing at a fighter strip located at 4216N – 1428E (S. Vito Chietino) for gas. One lost. One missing.

Rendy with other groups of Wing over San Vito at 4,000 feet at 0607 hours. Thence to 4530N – 1300E, to 4558N – 1258E, to 4754N – 1309E, to 4756N – 1230E (turn back point), to Treviso (4539N – 1212E), to IP (4540N – 1154E used for alternate target), to the alternate target of Porto Marghera oil installations attacking on an axis of 145° degrees, thence to 4515N – 1248E, to Base. Rendy with fighter escort substantially as briefed. Cover fair.

Target area was well covered, approximately 30 strikes among oil installations. 10 to 15 strikes in oil storage area. Approximately 20 strikes in industrial area. 20 strikes near industrial area. One (1) hit on a road and 2 hits on buildings. Ten (10) bursts near RR with one hit on highway and one probable hit on RR to Venice. One (1) direct hit in center of ship tied to wharf.

Fighters. Approximately 19 E/A were seen. 8 JU-88’s sighted at 4642N – 1312E 0906 hours at 24,000 feet. 3 – 4 ME-109’s seen in Udine area. 7 FW-190’s also seen in Udine area. 2 FW-190’s were seen firing rockets at B-17’s at 0925 hours at 25,000 feet about 15 miles south of Traunstein. In the same area 5 unidentified A/C were observed with belly tanks. Air-to-Air bombing (probable) was reported as follows:

1. On route up Adriatic – 13 bombs and on return 4 bombs seen.
2. At 0812 hours, at 16,000 feet in the Dignano area (4457N – 1352E) 28 bombs were seen.
3. At 0816 hours, at 19,000 feet, at 4450N – 1335E, explosions were seen in the water.
4. Again at 0821 hours, at 19,000 feet, at 4510N – 1317E, explosions were again seen in the water. 5. At 0830 hours, 16,000 feet, at 4445N – 1345E, 15 bombs were dropped along the axis of the formation.
6. At 0845 hours at 18,500 feet, just off Italian coast (South of Udine) Air-to-Air bombing also reported. No further details available.

There was one encounter [with fighters] also reported. One ME-109 came in at 9 o’clock high, circled, came in at 6 o’clock level peeled off to left in a dive.

Flak. Over the target scant to moderate, inaccurate, heavy flak was encountered. In the flak area about four minutes. 1 A/C listed as missing was damaged by flak over the target.

Total losses:

From flak: 1
Other reasons: 1 (missing).


From flak: 10 (minor)
From fighters: 0
From other reasons: 0


From Flak: Slightly wounded, 1
From fighters: 0
From other reasons: 0


Destroyed: 0
Probable Dest: 0
Damaged: 1

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