Forty B-24’s took off at 0544 Baker to bomb the Allach Motor Works at Munich, Germany. Smoke and cloud completely obscured the target and an assault was made on the M/Y on the NW side of Munich. Two returned early, one jettisoned all its bombs, the other returning 2 tons and jettisoning .5 ton. One dropped 2 tons on the Mestre M/Y and jettisoned .5 ton. One dropped 2.5 tons on Codroipo M/Y (4557N – 1258E). One dropped 2.5 tons 1 mile West of Casarsa (4555N – 1250E) on a M/Y and industrial area. Thirty-five dropped 81.5 tons on target at 1035 hours from 21,500 to 24,000 feet. All bombs used were 1,000-lb GP with mixed fusing of .1 and .025 and .1 and .01. Thirty-eight returned to base at 1355 hours. None lost. One missing. None at friendly fields.

Rendezvoused with 98th Group at San Vito at 3,000 feet at 0658 hours. From there a course was taken upon the Wing rendezvous line where contact was made with the 376th and 450th Groups. From that point the course passed over the following points: San Vito to 4214N – 1547E, to 4526N – 1440E, to 4345N – 1355E, to 4534N – 1450E, to 4625N – 1248E, to 4750N – 1228E, to 4838N – 1220E, to 4829N – 1130E, to the target. After “bombs away” a sharp rally left was made and the following return course followed: target to 4730N – 1219E, to 4625N – 1247E, to 4534N – 1239E, to 4155N – 1513E, to Base.

Forty-five (45) bursts in area of eastern portion of West M/Y with at least 25 bursts in yards and remainder in immediate vicinity. 15 bursts on unidentified factory 3.5 miles N of briefed target. 44 bursts from 3 – 4,000 feet N of Neubiberg A/D cutting railroad in 4 places. Those choosing targets of opportunity reported hits on targets chosen. Returning formations reported columns of smoke up to 10,000 feet from the Mestre M/Y.

Fighters: None.

Flak: Over the target this group experienced intense, accurate, and heavy flak which holed 26 ships and injured 4 crewmen.


1. B-24 ditched at 4330N – 1346E (SE of Ancona) at 1215 hours, 2 dinghies.
2. B-24 going down in spin over target at 1035 hours, 8 chutes seen.
3. B-24 hit in hills just out of target area at 1040 hours, 5 chutes seen.

Total Losses: None.


From Flak: 26 (None severe)
From fighters: 0
Other reasons: 0


From Flak: Slightly wounded, 4

Victories: None.

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