Forty B-24’s took off from 0731 to 0757 hours to bomb the Latisana RR Bridge, Italy. Thirty-eight found the primary and all alternate targets cloud covered and returned to base at 1339 hours without bombing. One early return jettisoned its bombs (2.5 tons); three others jettisoned a total of 2 tons in order to keep in formation. All bombs jettisoned fell into the Adriatic.

Rendezvous with 376th Group over San Vito at 6,000 feet at 0848 Baker. Thence to 4254N – 1450E missing the key point to keep to the left of the weather. Thence to 4510N – 1215E (4 mi S of Chioggia) where 180° turn to the left was made and followed route back to 4330N – 1400E to 4137N – 1545E to base. Escort was reported as good.

Results: None. 8/10 to 10/10 cloud coverage of primary and alternate targets.

[No enemy resistance. No losses, damage or casualties.]

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