Thirty-nine B-24’s took off at 0532 hours to bomb Schwechat A/C Factory. Two early returns (plus 7 bombs on two other planes which bombed the target) brought 6.75 tons of bombs back to base; one early return (plus 17 bombs on four other planes which bombed the target) jettisoned 6.75 tons. One prior return and 6 bombs from one other plane which went over the target (but did not drop on the target) dropped 3 tons on Gyor A/D, a target of opportunity. Thirty-five planes went over the target, and thirty-four of these dropped 80.5 tons of 500-lb GP bombs with .1 nose and mixed .025 and non-delay tail fuses on the target at 0957 hours from 22,000 to 23,600 feet. Thirty-three returned to base at 1306 hours, one returned from a friendly field at 1440 hours. None lost. One missing. None at friendly fields.

Rendezvoused with other Groups of Wing over San Vito at 0639 hours at 5,000 feet. Thence to Anopija Island, to key point at Lake Varansko (4356N – 1532E) at 12,000 feet at 0808, to Keszterly (4646N – 1714E), to Papa (4720N – 1728E), to Ozeklesz (4821N – 1718E), to IP (Stupava) (4817N – 1702E), to target, attacking on axis of 244° True. Rallied sharp left and continued on briefed route to rally point at Nagykanizea (4628N – 1659E) to key point at Lake Varansko, to Andrija Island, to base. Escort was excellent on penetration, target cover and withdrawal.

All radio frequencies had a great deal of interference during the last hour before the target, probably due to jamming.

Excellent target coverage was claimed by visual observation. There were explosions, flames and a large amount of black smoke. Photographic coverage confirmed these claims. Most of the Group’s bombs fell on the briefed target, the eastern half of the factory area being completely covered. There were at least 5 hits on the railroad and at least 40 bursts on the L/G with at least 7 hits on the runway proper. There were also 25 to 30 hits on other hangars and workshops.

About 6 ME-109’s were observed at the turn point Papa (4720N – 1725E) at 0913 hours, altitude 23,000 feet. 6 to 8 ME-109’s were observed in the target area at 0955 hours, altitude 23,000 feet. There were no encounters, the formation being well protected by its escort.

Intense, accurate, heavy flak was experienced over the target, and the formation was in this flak for about 5 minutes.

[Total losses from flak: 1 (missing). Damage from flak: 19 (16 minor). Casualties from flak: 1 killed and 1 wounded.]

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