Forty B-24’s took off at 0529 – 0612 hours to bomb Zagreb A/D. One returned early. Twelve A/C dropped 21.45 tons of AN-M47 Fragmentation Clustered bombs on target at 0938 – 0940 hours from 22,800 to 23,200 feet. Six A/C jettisoned 11.90 tons because of miscellaneous difficulties. Twenty-one returned 37.45 tons to base. The one early return jettisoned 1.20 tons. Thirty-nine returned to base at 1155 to 1212 hours. None lost. None at friendly fields.

Rendy at San Vito at 0636 hours as last group in Wing formation. Thence to 4242N – 1757E, to 4347N – 1840E, to 4528N – 1840E, to 4627N – 1743E, to 4622N – 1540E, to the IP Imeno (4608N – 1537E) making a turn to the left and attacking on an axis of 130°. Thence to 4327N – 1609E to Base.

Target was visible from IP but as formation came down bomb run the target was completely obscured by clouds. Did not see the target. The section that dropped bombs on the target did so by ETA. Results were unobserved. No photos were obtained.

Forty enemy A/C were sighted as follows: 1 ME-109 about 15 minutes just before target, 6 unidentified A/C S/E at 1004 hours at 14,000 feet at 4500N – 1650E, at 0950 hours at 20,000 feet about 40 minutes south of Zagreb 3 S/E A/C were sighted, black in color, sighted again at 1010 hours at 8,000 feet at 4400N – 1600E. 30 FW-190’s were reported at 1005 hours from 18,000 feet at 4438N – 1609E. There were no encounters.

Over the target the group experienced S to M – I – H flak.

[No losses. Damage from flak: 1 (serious). No casualties.]

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