Twenty-eight B-24’s took off at 0807 to 0855 hours to bomb Oil Storage Facilities at Giurgiu, Rumania. None returned early. Twenty-eight dropped 68.75 tons of 500-lb (.1 and .025, .1 and non-delay) GP bombs on target at 1155-1/2 hours. None lost. None missing. None at friendly fields.

Rendezvoused with 450th Group over Manduria at 0918 hours at 7,000 feet and set off on course to San Vito. From San Vito to Bar at 1006 hours at 13,400 feet. Thence to Paracin at 1055 hours at 19,400 feet, to Kraljevo Selo to Cetate at 1115 hours at 20,600 feet, thence to IP (Draganesti) and into the target at 120°. The rally was sharply right and a reciprocal to Bar to Base.

At 1131 hours 4350N – 2350E, 37 P-51’s and 10 P-47’s were sighted. At 1337 hours 4310N – 2030E, 8 P-51’s were sighted. No departure time was noted for the escort, but escort was in sight almost back to the Yugoslavian coast.

Strike photos reveal 15 bursts in East Oil Storage. At least 4 large tanks destroyed. Approximately 15 bursts between oil storage and shore installations probably cutting railroad lines. Northeast tanks were missed.

The target had scattered cirrus based at 24,000 feet and broken altocumulus from 11,000 to 14,000 feet.

Fighters: Only one encounter with E/A was reported. 4 ME-109’s made a single pass from 12 o’clock level, broke to the left and passed the formation to attack a straggler from another group. The ME-109’s were dark in color.

Flak: Over the target this group experienced moderate, accurate, heavy flak. This flak was termed the most accurate yet encountered by this group. Flak was encountered for 3 minutes.

[Two B-24’s went down in target area, 1 burning, 4 chutes seen. At 1219 hours, 16,000 feet, straggling B-24 hit by fighters. Went down at 4347N – 2428E, 7 chutes seen.]

Total losses: None.


From Flak: 14 (3 severe)
From fighters: 1
Other reasons: 0


From Flak: 0
From fighters: Seriously wounded, 1 (Tail gunner)

Victories: None.

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