Twenty-seven B-24’s took off at 0510 hours to bomb Zagreb M/Y. One returned early. Twenty-five dropped 62.5 tons of 500-lb. (.1 & .025 – .1 & .01 fused) GP bombs on target at 0912 hours from 21,500 to 22,500 feet. One jettisoned 2.5 tons in order to keep in formation after #1 engine cut out. Twenty-six returned to base at 1111 hours. None missing, lost or at friendly fields.

Rendezvoused with 98th Group over San Vito at 0614 hours at 6,000 feet as lead of second wave in Wing and proceeded on course to Cazza Island. From this point, the briefed course was followed to 4622N – 1744E where at 20,500 feet at 0845 hours a turn to the West was made. At 0900 hours at 4627N – 1700E at 22,500 feet a turn to the IP (Kraljevec) was made. From the IP an attack was made on an axis of 200° True. The rally was left. The return course was a direct line from 4540N – 1612E to base.

Strike photos show at least 8 hits in M/Y, 20 bursts in dispersal area South of L/G. Probable fuel or ammunition stores hit in south dispersal area resulting in large explosion. Remainder of hits near A/D installations. Weather was clear at the target and there was not interference from weather en route.

Fighters: None.

Flak: At the target this group experienced moderate, inaccurate, heavy flak for 3 minutes.

[No losses. No damage. No Casualties. No victories.]

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