Twenty-seven B-24’s took off at 0653 hours to bomb Markersdorf A/D. Three returned early of which two jettisoned 4 tons and the other returned 2 tons to base. Twenty-two dropped 43.3 tons of 100-lb (.1 and mixed .1 and non-delay fused) GP bombs on target at 1102 hours from 21,200 to 22,000 feet. Two dropped 4 tons on target of opportunity at Milk (4814N – 1519E) on oil storage tanks resulting in black smoke. Twenty-three returned to base at 1405 hours and another returned at 1650 hours after refueling at friendly fields.

Rendezvoused with 450th Group over Manduria at 0757 hours at 6,000 feet on course to San Vito as lead of second wave in Wing and proceeded on course to Vis Island. From this point, the briefed course was followed to Ormoz (4624N – 1614E) to turn point at Wartberg (4732N – 1534E) to IP to target, attacking on axis of 275° True. Rallied right to avoid another Group and then left and came back on briefed route to Obrez (4624N – 1614E) to Vis Island to base.

Rendezvous was made with approximately 40 P-38’s and P-51’s at 0958 hours at 18,000 feet at 4510N – 1615E. Penetration, target, and withdrawal cover provided with escort leaving formation at 1145 hours at 4630N – 1615E. Escort was evaluated as excellent.

Strike photos show good concentration of hits on landing ground area at aiming point. Hits were also plotted in hangar installations to right of aiming point. Weather was clear at the target. No fighters. This group did not experience any flak at the target.

At 0850 hours, B-24 blew up in mid-air at 4216N – 1624E and crashed into water. Four chutes and 1 sea marker observed. B-24 circled over crashed A/C. At 1056 hours, at IP a B-24 in flames, looked as though hit by flak. No chutes seen. At 1300 hours, at Vis Island, a B-24 crashed landed on air strip. No explosion but smoke coming from #3 and #4 engines.

[No losses. Six A/C damaged from flak: 4 minor, 2 serious. No Casualties. No victories.]

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