Twenty-nine B-24’s took off at 0649 to 0729 hours to bomb the Neuabing A/C Components Factory. Eight returned early having jettisoned 5-1/2 tons and returned to base 14-1/2 tons of bombs. Twenty A/C dropped 49 tons of 1000-lb GP bombs (.1 and mixed .01 and .025 fuses) on target at 1158 hours from 23,200 to 24,800 feet, and jettisoned 1 ton over North Italy to allow two planes to keep up with formation. Nineteen A/C returned to base at 1523 hours. None lost. None missing. One at friendly field.

Rendezvoused with the 450th Group at Manduria on course to San Vito at 0752 Baker at 7,000 feet and with 98th and 376th Groups at San Vito. Thence to key point 4538N – 1258E, to turn point, St. Johann (4733N – 1226E), to turn point, Traunstein (4753N – 1238E), to turn point, Eggenfelder (4825N – 1246E), to turn point, Obrlindhart (4846N – 1213E), to turn point, Geisenfeld (4843N – 1130E), to IP, Schrobenhause (4834N – 1116E) and then to target on a heading of 156 degrees True. Went about 3 to 4 miles west of the IP, thus necessitating the 10 degree difference from the briefed heading.

From rendezvous over Southern Italy to opposite Ancona broken low clouds with tops at 7,500 feet. No clouds hindered rendezvous or climb. Few scattered low cumulus over Alps. North of Alps, scattered low clouds amounting to 2/10 over the target. Also over target 3/10 middle level clouds. No clouds interrupted return or the let-down.

Escort was described as very good. 30 P-38’s were met at 0935 hours at 17,000 feet at 4345N – 1420E. 20 P-51’s were observed over the target. Withdrawal cover left the formation at the key point (4538N – 1258E) on the Italian coast.

No radio jamming was experienced.

Visual observation claimed a fair coverage of the target area with at least one large building hit. Smoke and flames were observed. The bomb pattern was considered to be fairly good. Photo coverage disclosed better results than claimed by the combat crews with the whole target except the extreme western part being well covered. There were at least 10 hits on buildings in the target area with the 3 large workshops either being hit or receiving severe blast damage. The RR track at N edge of target area was cut in one place, and the RR track 2,500 feet SE of the target probably cut. The other bombs dropped E and S of the target.

[No enemy fighters.]

Flak was reported as intense, inaccurate-to-accurate and heavy over the target. The formation was subject to this flak from 4 to 5 minutes.

[No losses. 10 damaged from flak (9 very slight). 1 wounded.]

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