To all 449th BG Members,

We regret to inform you that the forecasted impact of Hurricane Florence has led to the cancellation of the 449th Bomb Group 25th Reunion in Charlotte, NC scheduled for this week.  Over the evening the hurricane grew to a Category 4 and reports indicate that it will be moving much further inland than previously expected.

The severity of this storm will impact not only those driving to the event, but those flying as well.  Flooding and high winds will cause dangerous road conditions throughout the East Coast.  We have been informed that that the Charlotte Airport will more than likely be shut down starting Wednesday evening, and several reunion attendees have already received information from their airlines regarding cancelling and rescheduling flights.

We are reviewing the calendar for a possible date to reschedule for April-May 2019, keeping the same location (Charlotte) and events as scheduled this year.  Secretary Wilkie’s office is committed to working with us to reschedule his attendance as our Guest Speaker.

We have also been working very closely with the hotel and our event venues who have been graciously accommodating.  If you had reservations with our group at the Omni, we have taken care of all room cancellations. We will also be working diligently to process refunds for the reunion events, tours, and dinners… your patience will be much appreciated.

Please accept our heartfelt apologies for this tough decision.  We have the safety of all of our members in mind with this cancellation.  We look forward to being able to carry on with this wonderful reunion next spring and sincerely hope you will be there to share with us.

Any questions or concerns, please call Mary  (California) 714-925-8111

Richard Lapham – 449th BG VP
Mary Crowley – 449th BG Secretary
Denise Reigel – 449th BG Archives

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