Part of Crew 605 (Skolfield crew), Buck was wounded during a bombing run over Germany when flak hit him in his nose gunner station resulting in the award of a purple heart. Once he returned to the US and was stationed in Sioux Falls, SD, he traveled to Sioux City, IA and met Norma Peck, whom he married in 1946. They were married for 70 years and raised 5 children.  He moved to New Brighton, PA, for 3 years, and also made a brief move to his boyhood home in Blacksburg, VA.  However, most of his post-service life was spent in Sioux City, IA.  Buck was a carpenter and eventually owned and operated his own residential construction business in Sioux City, for about 25 years. Some of that period found him in partnership with his life-long buddy (and brother-in-law as they married sisters) Robert L. Young from the same Crew 605. Buck eventually moved to the Kansas City area in 1985 and continued his construction activities in several capacities including renovating old textile buildings in Kansas City to condos. He eventually moved to co-managing an apartment complex in Belton, MO with his wife with Buck doing the handy man work around the apartment complex. Buck’s passion was his faith in God and service to his church wherever he lived.  He was the song leader, choir member, deacon, Sunday school teacher, and always held Christ first in his life.  He also enjoyed and supported his childrens’ activities and his grandchildrens’ activities.  He retired at age 82. He passed to heaven in October, 2016, following the celebration of his 90th birthday and 70th wedding anniversary earlier that year.  Buck was a devout patriot and honored his country throughout his adult life.

Terry Johnson
Stilwell, KS

90th Birthday, March 28, 2016

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