Lower row (L to R): Lorin Robinson (CP), John Hatch (TG), Joe Schindelman (NG…who painted the nose art), Gene Dunson (WG). Standing (L to R): Andrew Widness (P), Bruce Curry (N), Harding Morris (F/E), Martin Hart (BG). Missing from photo are John Belcher (R/O) and Adolph Ornstein (B), both of whom were KIA with other crews on the 4/4/44 Presidential Unit Citation mission. Also not pictured was the Crew Chief Sgt. O. O. Jones.

  • WIDNESS, Andrew C., Pilot
  • ROBINSON, Lorin E, Co-Pilot
  • CURRY, Bruce R., Navigator
  • ORNSTEIN, Adolph, Bombardier – KIA 4 April 1944 McCormick
  • MORRIS, Harding, Ft/Eng
  • BELCHER, John W, Rt Waist, R/OP – KIA 4 April Thieme
  • DUNSON, Eugene R., Waist Gunner
  • HART, Martin J, Ball Gunner
  • HATCH, John, Tail Gunner
  • SCHINDELMAN, Joe, Nose Gunner

719th Squadron

719logoDavid Councill was the original C.O. from July ‘43 to 8 December ’43 when he and his crew were lost during the movement overseas. Most of the 719th officer and NCO staff were among the 14 men lost aboard Councill’s aircraft. This placed the 719th in dire straits in January ’44. Arthur B. Swan took over as C.O. and began sorting things out in January ’44. He served as the C. O. until he received a serious combat wound on 23 April ‘44. Charles E. Harton from the 717th Squadron was selected to be the acting commander until Art Swan could reassume the position. When Swan was promoted to higher echelon, Harton continued as the acting C.O. until July ‘44. Harold R. Loughran, a lead crew pilot from the 717th became the 719th C.O. in July ‘44 and remained through September ’44. In September ‘44, William Allen became the C.O. and remained so until May ‘45.


Flown overseas by Widness crew arriving at Grottaglie on 14 February ‘44. The nose art was painted by the crew nose gunner Joe Schindelman. Her crew chief was O. O. Jones. “Our Baby” went down 14 July ’44 on the Budapest mission with Geisert crew aboard. 2 KIA, 8 POW. MACR 6823.

Pictures of Our Baby


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