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200th Mission Pamphlet

The 449th Bomb Group completed its 200th mission on 9 February 1945.
To commemorate the 200th mission, Group Headquarters published a small phamplet that documented the Groups operations up to that point in time. The 200 mission phamplet is presented below.

The preface to the phamplet featured photos of the three men that served as Commanding Officers of the Group. Col. Darr Alkire was C.O. during Stateside training, through the movement overseas, and during January 1944. He became a POW when his plane was shot down on 31 January 1944. Col. Thomas Gent, Jr. served as the 449th C.O from February 1944 through October 1944. Col. Jack Randolph served as the 449th C.O from October 1944 until the end of the war.

The remainder of the phamplet features photographs of 449th operations.