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Glossary of Terms

AAA — Anti-Aircraft Artillery
AA — Anti-aircraft
AAF — Army Air Force
AAFB — Army Air Force Base
A/C or a/c — Aircraft
A/D — Airdrome
ADO — Air Discipline Officer
BTG — Ball turret gunner
CAVU — Clear and Visibility Unlimited
CBO — Combined Bomber Offense
DFC — Distinguished Flying Cross
E/A/C — Enemy aircraft
E/F — Enemy Fighters
ER — Early Return
ETA — Estimated Time of Arrival
GAF — German Air Force
GP — General Purpose
H2X — Designator for PATHFINDER radar system
HRC — Historical Research Center (Now known as Historical Research Agency)
IP — Initial Point
KIA — Killed in Action
L/G — Landing Ground
LW — Left Waist Gunner
M/G — Machine Gun
M/Y — Marshalling Yard
MIA — Missing in Action
NASM — National Air And Space Museum
PFF — PATHFINDER, Radar system for locating targets through cloud cover
POM — Preparation for Overseas Movement
POW — Prisoner of War
SOP — Standard Operating Procedure
RR — Railroad
RW — Right Waist Gunner
S/E — Single engine
S/M — Submarine
T — True (direction)
T/E — Twin engine
TT — Top turret
TWX — Teletype
V-E — Victory in Europe

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