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The 449th Association

The 449th Bomb Group Association (BGA) was formed in 1983 through the efforts of Dick Downey. The 449th BGA was initially composed of the veterans of the 449th BG. Recently the organization has been expanded to the 2nd Generation to include family members and others interested in the preserving the history and the heritage of the 449th.

449th Bomb Group Association Officers – 2017

President: Richard Lapham, 2nd Gen, 719th
Vice President:  Elaine Trogdon Martz, 2nd Gen, 719th
Secretary:  Mary Crowley, 2nd Gen, 717th  449thSecretary@gmail.com
Treasurer:  Thad Mahoney, 2nd Gen, 719th
Historian:  Mark Coffee, 2nd Gen, 718th  449historian@gmail.com
Archives Manager:  Denise Riegel, 2nd Gen, 718th
449th BG Musem: David Duane Livingston Memorial Museum
Dan & Carol Livingston, 2nd Gen, 718th
Chaplin:  Rev. Denise Trogdon, 2nd Gen, 719th
Executive Assistant:  Rod Miller, 2nd Gen, 716th
Public Relations: Sandra Latta, 2nd Gen, 718th
PX Officers: Gary Smith & Debbie Utz, 2nd Gen, 717th
Veterans Correspondence: Lynn Moran, 2nd Gen, 718th
Social Media Research: Tad Garner, 3rd Gen, 717th

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