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S/Sgt John Danylak

My Grandfather was a War hero to me! He was in the 15th Army Air Forces 449th Flying Horseman 718th bombardment Squadron! He flew the 5th mission on “Hoppy”. He was left waist gunner of the B-24-H aircraft #34. Bailout 15,000 ft. He was MIA near Split, Yugoslavia. He eventually was taken as prisoner. He survived some how and not sure when he made it back! He has a Purple heart that was issued to him while in a VA hospital by President Regan. He unfortunately passed on August 5th 1981. I was only 11 years old. His funeral I will never forget the Jet Air fighters that flew over in memory for him! He definitely went threw a lot we may not understand. I honor him for fighting for our country! I’m a true Patriot because of him!

Jennifer Spinelli
Rochester, NY

1 Lt Lawrence E. Madsen

My father is said to have completed 51 missions piloting B_24s in Europe. 6 of the mission s were bombing runs to Ploesti oil fields. He continued as an Air Force officer until 1969 when he retired. He then became the chief pilot for the University of Texas Board of Regents. He and my mother Margaret raised 4 daughters.

Martha Madsen

S/Sgt Robert W. Laine

Doing research on my mother’s first husband, Robert W. Laine, SSgt. He gave mom a son, and me a brother, Robert W. Laine Jr., who has now joined his father KIA. It was humbling to find the information and I wish my mother were alive to know what I found. Very Proud and Thankful of these men!

With humble regards, thank you for making this information publicly available.

Curtis T Grubbs,
USAF, SMSgt, Retired
Fort Worth, TX

Lt. Marcelino Huerta II

Marcelino Huerta is a descendant of Spanish emigrants in Florida. I have detailed information on the family background to expand his biography and contribute to the memory of all those pilots and crew of Asturian origin in northern Spain during World War II

Vicente Suarez
Oviedo – Asturias, Spain

Sgt. George F. Littlejohn

I just recently learned that George Littlejohn is my 2nd cousin. I was looking for WWII vets in my family on an ancestry page and found his. He was with the 449th, 719th Squadron. He was a radio operator and his plane/crew were shot down and he was taken as a POW. I would like to know the name of the mission/operation he was on during that time. It’s a real honor to have this WWII in my family as well as many others I have found. I’m keeping a genealogy book of records of my family and would love to add that mission to his page. Thank you in advance.

Trina Hayes
Weatherford, Texas

Sgt Frank L. “Buck” Johnson

Part of Crew 605 (Skolfield crew), Buck was wounded during a bombing run over Germany when flak hit him in his nose gunner station resulting in the award of a purple heart. Once he returned to the US and was stationed in Sioux Falls, SD, he traveled to Sioux City, IA and met Norma Peck, whom he married in 1946. They were married for 70 years and raised 5 children.  He moved to New Brighton, PA, for 3 years, and also made a brief move to his boyhood home in Blacksburg, VA.  However, most of his post-service life was spent in Sioux City, IA.  Buck was a carpenter and eventually owned and operated his own residential construction business in Sioux City, for about 25 years. Some of that period found him in partnership with his life-long buddy (and brother-in-law as they married sisters) Robert L. Young from the same Crew 605. Buck eventually moved to the Kansas City area in 1985 and continued his construction activities in several capacities including renovating old textile buildings in Kansas City to condos. He eventually moved to co-managing an apartment complex in Belton, MO with his wife with Buck doing the handy man work around the apartment complex. Buck’s passion was his faith in God and service to his church wherever he lived.  He was the song leader, choir member, deacon, Sunday school teacher, and always held Christ first in his life.  He also enjoyed and supported his childrens’ activities and his grandchildrens’ activities.  He retired at age 82. He passed to heaven in October, 2016, following the celebration of his 90th birthday and 70th wedding anniversary earlier that year.  Buck was a devout patriot and honored his country throughout his adult life.

Terry Johnson
Stilwell, KS

90th Birthday, March 28, 2016

2Lt Ewing Miller

Ewing was a little too short to get into flight school.
The night before he took the physical he hung on a closet door to stretch himself that extra 1/4 inch

( he shared this story with me at the Columbia Cub in Indianapolis)

Archie Williamson
Indianapolis, IN

Lt. Richard (Dick) F. Downey

My grandfather was a career military man who was part of the 449th bomb group The Flying Horsemen his efforts and legacy have made it possible today that many of these great men and their families are still in contact with each other to this day

David Christopher King
Cecero, Indiana

Cpl. Albert Gerhart Schwartz

Albert is from Huntingburg Indiana. He was one of the first 19 year old boys to be drafted. He volunteered to be a cook and was assigned to the 717th 449th Bomb Group. He was a corporal and his uniform, cookbook and other memorabilia has been donated to the 449th Historical museum. he returned to Huntingburg after discharge and died April 23, 2012.

Barbara Ann (Schwartz) Edmonds
Lizton, Indiana

Sgt. Robert F. Widenhofer

Bobby was my Dad’s brother. We grew up hearing stories about him and how he was the only one of my Dad’s brothers to be taken during their time of service for our country. As a family, this event devastated many and went on to effect the decisions and choices of several of his siblings for years to come.

Many of us do not know Bobby’s story, how he lived during his time of enlistment and most of us are just finding out how he passed. I would love to know if anyone has any stories or photos of the men who served with Bobby. He was adored by my father.

Deanna Lynn Widenhofer-Osche
Butler County, Pennsylvania

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