An original cadre ship acquired 28 October ’43 and assigned to Meade’s crew who flew her overseas in December ’43. Disposition unknown. Pictures of Star Eyes


Transferred into the 449th on 8 February ’44 and assigned to Wallis L. “Spider” Webb’s crew. This ship flew many combat missions before becoming a static training ship, for gear operation, flaps, bomb-bay door emergency operations, etc. [Note: “Star Dust” was possibly...


A replacement ship. Downed on the Vienna mission of 17 October ’44 with Nelson’s crew aboard. 1 KIA 9 POW. MACR 9318. Name uncertain – MACR states”This a/c had no nickname”


A San Diego built J-CO. Not 42-51553 (J-10-FO) as previously reported. Pictures of Spirit Of Illinois


An early ‘shared pool’ Mickey ship, flew first 449th mission 12 Apr 44.


An original cadre ship acquired 26 October ‘44 and assigned to Bird’s crew who flew her overseas in December ’43. The “Lady” was downed on 25 February ’44 when Bradley’s crew was forced to abandon her over Yugoslavia due to combat damage suffered on the mission to...

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