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The 449th Bomb Group Association consists of veterans of the 449th Bomb Group plus the 2nd Generation. The Association was formed in March 1983 through the efforts of Richard F. Downey, a former 719th Squadron navigator during WWII. The Association grew from a membership of only 86 persons in 1983 to more than 1500 persons by 1996. At the 17th Reunion, the Association voted to include the 2nd Generation as full members of the Association.

reunionspast449th Bomb Group Association Officers:

  • President-Floyd H. Trogdon, B/Gen USAF (Ret) (719th)
  • Vice President-Richard Lapham, 2nd Generation
  • Secretary-Mary Crowley, 2nd Generation (717th)
  • Treasurer-Wally Green (717th)
  • Chaplain-Rev. Harry Snyder (717th)
  • Assistant Chaplain-Rev. Denise Trogdon, 2nd Generation
  • Archives Manager-Denise Riegel, 2nd Generation
  • HistorianMark Coffee, 2nd Generation
  • Memorabillia Officers-Lynn & Rick Moran, 2nd Generation
  • Museum – 449th Artifacts-Dan & Carol Livingston, 2nd Gen
  • Reunion Chairman-Lloyd Rosen, 2nd Generation


The Association publishes a bi-yearly newsletter “Late Pass.”

The 449th BG Association holds reunions on a regular basis. The most recent reunion (the Association’s 20th) was held in Louisville, Kentucky in April, 2013.

The next reunion (the Association’s 22nd) will be held in September, 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting:

449th Bomb Group Association
1596 Pioneer Drive
Melbourne, FL 32940

449th Bomb Group Association
2nd Generation
16292 Content Circle
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

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