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Ground Eschelon Photos

716th Squadron Ordnance Loaders

Bottom row (L to R): Douglas Rudd, Claude Milan, Edwin Remally, Lester Harris, John Hart.
Top row (L to R): Melvin Larson, Tully Andrews, and Lloyd Criden.

Source: Bk4-P130

717th Squadron Engineering Section

Kneeling (L to R): Lt. Chudyk; Cpl. Webster; Sgt Mosher; Sgt Ybarra; Sgt Grossman; Sgt Leaman; Sgt Siller; Sgt Koban; Sgt Kallio.
Standing (L to R): Cpl Roy; Cpl Jackson; Sgt Gochenour; Sgt Nettleton; Cpl Landing; T/Stg Wells; Sgt Olmstead; Sgt Queen; Sgt PuFahl; Sgt Fyfe; Sgt Reed; Sgt Netzel; Sgt Hogsed; T/Sgt Miller; Sgt Everharot; M/Sgt May; S/Sgt Weaver; M/Sgt Johnsen; Sgt Wright; Cpl Cook; Sgt Dover; S/Sgt Fitzgerald; Sgt Bronkart; M/Sgt Dixon

Source: Bk3-P119

716th Mechanics For Ship #63

(L to R): Cpl Shall; Sgt Berman; Sgt John King; Sgt Hubbard; Unknown

Source: Unpublished Photo from files of 449th BGA

716th Squadron Communications Section

Back row (L to R): Cohens, Stolz (radio and radar mechanic), Leuken, Crawford (telephone line-man), Washalaske (radio), Chew (later voluntered on combat crew), Weiss (radio operator at the control tower), Oliveri, Passmore.
Middle row (L to R): Halling, Reiss (Radio and radar mechanic), Thou, Capt. Jones (716 communications officer), Wetzel (radio mechanic), Vian (Master Sergeant communications), Borden, Warthen, Guido.
Front row (L to R): Long, Kraus, Barron, Moss, Morello (radio and radar mechanic), Toub.
Not shown: Cebollero (radio and radar mechanic).

Source: Bk4-P81

716th Squadron Crew Chiefs

Back row (L to R): Scharff, Bill Treadway, John Dacey, Booth, last three in this row are unknown.
Middle row (L to R): Swede Olson, Frank Ragusa (assistant crew chief), Joe Gaus, John King (barely seen behind a front row man), Art DeBuzen, last two in this row are unknown.
Front row (L to R): First two are unknown, the third man is John Marlow, and at the far right is the Line Chief, Dupont.

Source: Bk4-P57

716th Squadron Intelligence Section

They are (L to R): George Panzram, Technician; Capt. Burr Tarrant, Squadron Intelligence Officer (later became briefing officer for Group operations); 1Lt. Gilbert Howard; and S/Sgt. Leo Andrews.

Source: Bk4-P132

716th Squadron Medical Staff

(L to R): Ed G. Latak; Malcolm O. Adams; Dr. Earl S. Scott; Willard Kesslar; John R. Allen; Wallace S. Huegel

Source: Bk2-P158

716th Squadron Orderly Room Personnel

(L to R): Sgt. Wtringe; S/Sgt Zeller; Captain. McSween (Adjutant); Sgt Williams; Sgt. Zelane; F/Sgt Smith; S/Sgt Wingate

Source: Bk3-P81

717th Armament Section


Source: N/A

717th — Yiengst, Joe Ground Crew

This is Joe Yiengst of the 717th ground crew with a portable auxiliary power unit. The ground crewmen had the mud to contend with everywhere during wet weather.
Joe Yiengst received the Bronze Star for his many hours of dedicated work under the tough working and living conditions.

Source: Bk4-P186

717th Ground Echelon At Bruning

Those identified are numbered: 1-Batdorf; 3-Gerald Meschke; 4-George Moody; 5-Charles Herzog; 6-Goebels; 7-Hansen; 8-John Hoar; 9-Kelly; 10-Hendrickson; 11-Godfrey; 12-Kenneth Walen. [Photo taken at Bruning AAF, Nebraska, before movement overseas.]

Source: Bk3-P246

717th Squadron Communications Section

Back row, standing (L to R): Robert Homan, Charles Adams, Warren Endly, Raymond Schroeder, Paul Cohen, Lt. Victor Kessler (OIC), John Reinert, Joseph Wood and Preston Joiner.
Middle row (L to R): Ed Czarniecki, David Staton, Vernon Marsh, Maurice McGrath, Bill Langford, Gerald Kansky, Paul Buonono, John Banas, Michael Roth and Richard Lord.
Bottom row (L to R): Isaac Nash, Samuel Lauder, John O’Rourke, Armando Drudi, Murray Goldstein, Edward Mody, George Capelakos, Lawrence Sockalexis, Lawrence Rodden, and Raphael Tyle.
Missing from photo, present for duty: John Smith, Steve Coulis, Dillard Moody, Kenneth Simon, Robert Clark, Clarence Champlin, Jimmy Evans, Austin

Source: Bk4-P82

717th Squadron Ground Crew

Front Row (L to R): M/Sgt Charles Harzog (Flight Chief); M/Sgt Cover (Crew Chief Ship #42); M/Sgt Turner (Tech Supply); M/Sgt Olivette (Crew Chief Ship #49); Cpl Carle (welder); Sgt Calyon (Electrical); S/Sgt Miller (Electrical); S/Sgt Thoensen (Electrical).
Middle Row: Sgt Greene (AM Ship #55); Sgt Meschke (Propeller specialist); M/Sgt Hendrickson (Crew Chief ship #51); T/Sgt Creed (Propeller Specialist); Sgt Stephenson (AM ship #48); T. Sgt Walters (Electrical).
Rear Row: Sgt Joe Yiengst (Special Equipment); M/Sgt Frank Kroll (Crew Chief ship #55); Cpl Wheeler (Electrical); T/Sgt Caryl (Inspection); Sgt Garncarz (Tech Supply); Cpl Joe McEvoy (AM ship #48)

Source: Bk2-P162 & Bk3-P13

717th Squadron Maintenance Section Members

Front Row (L to R): Unknown; Lion; Woodward; Dickerson; Fearvanti; Reinerson.
Standing (L to R): Unknown; Guerra; Wendt; Rother; Unknown; Freeman

Source: Bk2-P156

717th Squadron Mechanics

No data is available pertaining to the names of the individuals in this photograph. Without men such as these, the aircraft of the 449th would not have flown. The members of the ground echelons regularly worked through the night as they prepared the aircraft for the next day’s mission.

Source: Bk4-P84

717th Squadron Medics

Standing (L to R): Gordon Finnemore; Flight Surgeon Edwin Gammell; Rey Benitis; Don Parker; Anthony Geiss.
Bottom (L to R): George Zidzik;Leichliter.
Medic taking the photo was Elmer Denton.

Source: Bk4-P113

717th Squadron Medics

(L to R): Clint Leichliter; Almer Denton; Gordon Finnemore; Rey Benitas; Tony Geise; Don Parker

Source: Bk3-P152

718th Airmen

L to R: Ben Kendall; Tompkins; Hill; Pelkey. [Kendall KIA 30 Jan 1944 with copilot Fletcher Porter.]

Source: Bk3-P265

718th Squadron Communications Section

Front Row -Kneeling (L to R): E. Hopkins; Ira Wilson; Howard Haight.
Standing (L to R): Brittian; Marcello Lee; Unknown; Bill Dwyer; Farqueson; Earl Smith; Dan McDonald

Source: Bk4-P132

718th Squadron Communications Section

Lower row (L to R): Marcello Lee, Ira Wilson, Earl Smith, Levy, Britton, E. P. Hopkins.
First standing row (L to R): Capt. Valdez, OIC; Bill Dyer, McLoughlin, John O’Toole, Wallace Leonard, Daniel McDonald, Frank Kocher, M/Sgt.
Back row (L to R): Robert Raymond, unknown, Dickens, Cecil Simmons, unknown, Howard Haight.

Source: Bk4-P187

718th Squadron Engineering Section

Not all are identified.
Back Row includes Bob Feary; Jim Summers; Donald Northway; Joh Burke and Joe Skalak.
Middle Row, 4th from left, is John Clark. Front Row, 3rd from left is Tim Wright.

Source: Bk3-P164

718th Squadron Engineerin-Maintenance Section

Top Row (L to R): Robert Jackson, Lou Nettleton, Jim Wells, Joyce, Pufahl, F. Reed, Robert Wetzel, Caleb Hogshed, Harry May (Line Chief), Johnson (Inspector), Tim Wright, Elmer Dover, Dick Debronhardt. Middle
Row (L to R): N. Roy, R. Gochenour, Robert Lansing, Miles Olmstead, Charles Fyfe, Palmer Miller, R. Everhardt, Francis Weaver, Willard Cook, Wayne Fitzgerald, John Dixon (Flight Chief).
Lower Row (L to R): Capt. George Chudyk (OIC), William Webster, William Mosher, Tony Ybarra, Oscar Grossman, John Leaman, Jerry Siller, John Koban, Onnie Kallio.

Source: Bk4-P83

718th Squadron Leaders

L to R: Doc Conway (Flight Surgeon); William Nosker (718th CO); Stephen Ogden (Executive); Ray Staley (Lead Pilot); David Rasbach (Lead Pilot). [Staley and Rasbach awarded Silver Star. Nosker killed on take off with 376th]

Source: Bk3-P243

718th Squadron Maintenance Section -C Flight

Top Row (L to R): J. B. Kempson; Marion P. Snodgrass; Ira Hager; Charles C. Lynn; Edward R. Dohney; Brian O’Mara; Aurelio Del Plato, Jr.; Edmund R. Dickman.
Middle Row (L to R): Delmar Noah; Charles LaVoine; Earl Filsinger; Rufus Brown; Robert Muller; Weston Turner; Thomas Kennedy, Jr.; John Tompel; Peter Potorvic.
Bottom Row (L to R): John D.Leasia; William F. Schruben; Hogie; Michael Urbanek; Paul S. Lombardo.

Source: Bk4-P83 & Bk2-P183

718th Squadron Maintenance Team

Front row (L to R): Vore, Payne, unknown, Fee Suong, Maloney, other three unidentified.
Back row (L to R): Hempstad, Cameron, Clark, Dennis, Wahlon, Hollopeter, Behler, Fredericks, unknown, unknown.

Source: Bk4-P36

718th Squadron Officers

Standing: Bill Conway (Flight Surgeon,3rd from left); George Chudyk (Maintenance Engineer, 5th from left); Ted Lewandoski (Supply Officer, 6th from left); Berg (7th from left, Squadron Bombardier); Loyal Pulley (Operations Officer, 8th from left); Bob Dudley (Navigator, 9th from left).
Front Row: Charlie Towsend (Adjuntant, 2nd from left); Charlie Jordan (C.O., 3rd from left); Steve Ogden (Executive, 4th from left)

Source: Bk2-P186

718th Squadron Orderly Room Personnel

(L to R): Lt. Townsend (Squadron Adjutant); Joseph Swartz; Daly; unknown; unknown; Sgt. Edmund Smith (with glasses); Stephen Ogden (Squadron Executive Officer)

Source: Bk4-P132

718th Squadron, Armament Section

This photo of the 718th Armament section was taken at Bruning just prior to their departure for overseas.
D. Bohannon, Squadron Armament Officer, is standing at far right.

Source: Bk4-P4

719th Squadron Ordnance Section

Back row (L to R): Brian, Cecille Childress, Walter Griffen, CarFauver, Benjamin Bruno, John Ralph, Gregory Wilcox, Roger Valentine.
Middle row (L to R): Bradley Whaley, Wilmer Burns, Charles Goddard, James Ward, Windle Morrison, Victor Dangle, Paul Brakeman, Harry Majeski, Phillip Davis, Frank Piper.
Front row (L to R): Norman Seagle, Richard Waybright, James Holer, Stevens, John McFarlan, Ray Maynard, Francis LeBlance, Robert Hickman, Don Gilman.
Not pictured are Chester Podkul and Lt. Frederick McNulty.

Source: Bk4-P82

719th Squadron, Aircraft Armorers

Back row (L to R): Richard Weber, Milwaukee, WI; Kiete A. Keen, Tanglewood, TX; David F. Franki, Del Rio, TX; Paul F. Watson, Los Angeles, CA; Albert P. Vaclavek, St. Louis, MO; William D. Parrish, Franklin, NC; Clark R. St. John, Ithaca, NY; Carmen R. Dodd, Oakland(?), CA; Randolf J. Uossr, Cleveland, OH; Leonard(?), NJ; James A. Rube, Mobile, AL; Robert Ronisette, Old Town, ME.
Middle row (L to R): Emil F. Jaeger, Salt Lake City, UT; Leonard Libber, Boston(?); John L. MacArthur, Chicago, IL; Wm. P. Green, Corpus Christi, TX; Edward Lambert, Steele, MO; Beiyl S. Gunter, Charleston, WV; Robert Affleck, Gorham, NY; John W. Otto, Milwaukee, WI; Louis A. Doniell; Carl S. Gibson, TN.
Front row (L to R): H. C. Russell, Cleveland, OH; Frank Ferroro, Philadelphia, PA; Harry Arnold, York, PA; Charles A. Rupert, Handeiguft, PA; Robert F. Kresack, Fairpoint, OH; Joseph J. Toormina, Little ?, NJ; Carlton Gentry, Shreveport, LA; Douglas Keltan, IL; Anthony A. Printera, Babylon, NJ; Robert H. Schligel, Ashland, PA. Not shown is Carl F. Dudley, Biharn, AL.

Source: Bk4-P228

Bomb Sight Section of 718th Squadron

Included in the group are: Gordon H. Shaw; John H. White, Jr.; Donald L. Bohannan; Bernard Kessler; Francis W. Schultz

Source: Bk3-P224

Commanding Officers: 15th AF; 47th Wing; 449th BG

Left: Major General Nathan F. Twining,
15th Air Force Commander
Center: Colonel Jack L. Randolph,
449th Bomb Group,
Commanding Officer
Right: Brigadier General Hugo P. Rush,
47th Bomb Wing,
Commanding Officer

Source: Bk4-P227

Councill, Captain David, CO 719th

Center: Captain David Councill, C. O. 719th Squadron. [Councill and his crew were lost on the movement overseas when they crashed in the Atlas Mountains of North Africa.]

Source: Bk3-P1

Engine Mechanics

(L to R): Tubby Roth; Ralph Searfoss; Eddy Oliva; Bill McCahill; Unknown

Source: Bk2-P169


Flight Surgeons

(L to R): William Conway (718th); Cecil Petterson (Group); Ed Gramble (717th); Earl Scott (716th); George Clark (719th)

Source: Bk2-P44

Ground Echelon Folks

L to R: Eal Elliot (Group Supply NCO); Hollie Wilkes (Group Maintenance & Inspection); Melvin Cook (Group Engineering Clerk); Joe Poli (Group Supply Clerk); Red Walling (Group Comms Technician). [Hollie Wilkes had just received his Battlefield Commission]

Source: Bk3-P219

Group S-2 Officers

Seated (L to R): Unknown; Capt. Edward Westlake; Capt. Burr Tarrant; Capt. Ora Dawson; Capt. Richards; Unknown. Standing (L to R): Unknown; Capt. Chester Lorillard; Lt. Roberts; Lt. Rowell.)

Source: Bk2-P46

Group S-2 Personnel

Front Row (L to R): Edward Forrest; Riley Davidson; Andrew Azzaretti; Dreiseszun; Jarold Shepard; Frank Carman. Second Row (L to R): Paul Callahan; William Miler; Leo Andrews; John Dillon; Milton Coon; Charlses Cusick; Norman Friedman; Victor Teicher.
Standing (L to R): Damon Turner (Group Historian and author of Book I); Edward Westlake; Pappy Rowell; Chester Lorillard; Viescas; Edward Bartlett; george Richard; Burr Tarrant; Joseph Rogers; Myers.

Source: Bk3-P96

Headquarters Group

(L to R): M/Sgt Peter Braden; S/Sgt Joe Poli; M/Sgt Milton Coon; Sgt. Walter Anderson. In Front is T/Sgt Earl Rhine, NCOIC Photo Section

Source: Bk2-P107

Headquarters Personnel, 449th BG

Front Row (L to R): James J. Furey; unknown; Carl Venterella; Charles T. Wilk; Charles E. Sarver.
Back Row (L to R): Charles Crowe (Sgt Major); Eric Bessels; unknown; Rocco Garramone; Jack Mehlman; Daniel Murname; Peter Braden; James C. Petersen. [This group part of HQ personnel from July 1945 to May 19, 1945.]

Source: N/A

Maintenance Group

(L to R): Al Tersillo; Walter Stafford; Henry Coskery; Anthon Vanagus; Charles Turner; Robert Beiser; Robert Tuilty; Mike Sullivan; Standley Rodgero; anthony Zukowski; Bernard Smith; Teddy Bratzler; Mike Zanski

Source: Bk2-P12

Pathfinder Section

Men known to be in the photo are: Lts. R. Jaslow, E. Osborne, and D. Greenberg; Technicians: W. Welliver, T. Mahoney, L. Pritchard, M. Polchepek, G. Becknell, R. Vail, B. Hendershot, I. Kirksey, H. Hartman, B. Ison, J. Juverik, Nick Colucci, D. Lumnsden, J. Davis, Bill Lay, Brewer and Bailey.
Bill Lay was the Section NCOIC and is the sixth man from the right in the top row (with cap).

Source: Bk4-P79


Sylvan (Tiny) Florsheim (left) and Earl (Junior) Rhine (right). Rhine was the NCOIC of the Group and Base Photo Laboratory. Tiny Florsheim was the Group Public Relations photographer.

Source: Bk4-P16

Photographers and Public Relations

(L to R): Sam Levis; Bill Mitchell; Earl Rhine; John Szablinski; Syrl (Tiny) Florsheim

Source: Bk2-P67

Photographic Section

These are the photographers from the 716th, 717th, 718th, and 719th Squadrons.
Front Row (L to R): Harris; Ireland; Roye; Pro.
Second Row (L to R): Rhine; Turner; Sarrus; Pfitzer; Whachter; Kraus; Disko.
Back Row (L to R): Dinneen; Florsheim; Shue’ Odom; Lewis; Mitchell

Source: Bk1-P151

Radar Technicians

Left to Right: Bill Lay; ? Brewer; Abe Belendgreen; Nick Colucci; Russell Jeffrey; Tim Mahoney; Isaac Kirksey.

Source: Late Pass; March 2002

Service Personnel

Standing (L to R): Hal Stokes; Capt. Amaya. Kneeling (3rd from L): S/Sgt. John Booth, crew chief. Others unknown.

Source: Bk4-P33

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