2nd Generation

The Second Generation

The 16th Reunion saw the formation of a 449th BGA ancillary organization called the “2ND Generation.” This group is composed of the widows, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews and friends of the veterans of the 449th BG. The goal of the 2nd Generation is to keep the legacy of the 449th Bomb Group alive.


The mission associated with this goal is twofold: (1) to assist our kinsmen – Dads, Uncles, and all others – to organize, plan, and execute the future reunions of the 449th BGA, and (2) to preserve the history of the 449th Bomb Group.

The 2nd Generation began at the 16th Reunion with thirty-six members. The 2nd Generation took over the major part of the planning, organizing and execution of the 17th Reunion with the objective of helping our veteran kinsmen have one of the best reunions ever.

At the 17th Reunion, the 449th BGA voted to make the 2nd Generation members Associate Members of the Association pending a review of the membership requirements for the 449th Bomb Group Association to maintain its 501(C)19 (Not-for-Profit) status as a Veteran’s Organization. The review of membership requirements was completed in 2009 and the 2nd Generation members were given full equal membership in the 449th BGA as their fathers and WWII veteran relatives at the 18th Reunion in April 2010.

Anyone wishing to become a member of the 2nd Generation should contact:

Mary Crowley
Denise Riegel

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