Twenty-eight B-24’s took off at 0632 – 0659 hours to bomb Friedrichshafen/Lowenthal A/D. Two returned early. Twenty-six dropped 63 tons of 500-lb GP bombs with .1 and .01 fusing on target at 1118 hours from 23,000 – 24,300 feet. Of the twenty-six A/C over the target two jettisoned 1 ton each. Twenty-four returned to base at 1440 hours. None lost. None missing. Two at friendly fields.

Rendy with 450th Group over Manduria at 6,000 feet at 0742 hours on course to San Vito. From San Vito to 4400N – 1350E to key point S. Biagio D. Call (4541N – 1222E) at 1018 hours at 22,000 feet to turn point Ponte (4636N – 1132E) to turn point Imst (4715N – 1044E) to IP Bregenz (4730N – 0945E) to target attacking on an axis of 317° True at 1118 hours. The rally was right, thence to turn point Ponte to key point to Base.

Rendy with fighters was reported at 1047 hours at Ponte (4636N – 1132E) at 23,000 feet. 30 P-38’s and many P-51’s. The escort was excellent and departed at the Italian Coast at 1218 hours at 19,000 feet.

Target appeared to be well covered. Much smoke seen, which obscured bomb strikes. Few bursts plotted east of aiming point.

There were no encounters with enemy fighters. One unidentified E/F was seen at 1217 hours at 18,600 feet at 4539N – 1225E being hotly pursued by 3 P-38’s. (Results of chase not observed)

Over the target this group experienced intense, accurate, heavy flak generally black in color – some white bursts. Duration of flak was three to six minutes.

The enemy employed a smoke screen at the target. Not too effective because of ground wind. Aiming point could be seen.

[No losses. 15 damaged from flak – 2 serious. One gunner wounded on A/C #23.]

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