Thirty-six B-24’s took off at 0702 to 0800 hours to bomb the Horsching A/D installations. None returned early. All returned to base at 1235 hours due to impenetrable weather en route.

Rendezvoused with 450th Group at Manduria at 0813 at 5,000 feet. The course ran to San Vito where a course was set to San Sedo (4431N – 1418E). This point was reached at 1006 at 19,000 feet. At 4530N – 1420E scattered cumulus and strato cumulus were encountered up to 21,000 feet. There were also scattered cirrus in this area to 25,000 feet. The formation turned at this point and returned directly to base.

Thirty P-38’s and 26 P-5’1s were encountered at 1029 hours in the Fione area at 19,600 feet. No time of departure for the escort was noted.

Results: None.

Fighters: Five ME-109’s and 2 FW-190’s made only one pass at this formation in trail from 6 o’clock high. They closed to 100 yards before breaking down and away. All E/A appeared to be bluish-gray in color.

Flak: None.

[Total losses: None. Damage: Three aircraft with slight damage. Victories: One ME-109 destroyed.]

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