Twenty-eight B-24’s took off at 1025 hours to bomb Berat/Kudowz Oil Refinery (1. New Installation, 2. Old Installation, and 3. Boiler House). None returned early. Bombing was done by two attack units of 14 aircraft each. The first attack unit being over the target at 1212 hours, the second attack unit being over the target at 1222 hours. Twenty-eight dropped 84 tons of 1,000-lb GP bombs (.1 and .01 and .025 tail fusing) on target from 19,700 to 21,000 feet. Twenty-eight returned to base at 1328 hours. None lost. None at friendly fields.

Fourteen aircraft comprising the first attack unit passed over Manduria on course at 1146 hours at 15,000 feet. Fourteen aircraft comprising the second attack unit passed over Manduria on course at 1156 hours at 15,000 feet. Both sections with the 10 minute time interval, then continued on course to the IP (4236N – 1921E) to target attacking on an axis of 69 degrees True. The rally was left to Lake Fanta Terbufit, thence direct to base.

Visual observations. Target #2, the old installations, and target #3, the boiler house appear to have been well hit by the two sections. Black smoke to 5,000 feet was seen. Target #1, the new refinery had probable damage. Photo coverage – bomb strikes show the following:

Target #1 — New Installations not hit.
Target #2 — Old Installations two or three direct hits.
Target #3 — Boiler House two or three direct hits.

Majority of bombs fell southeast of all targets.

Fighters: None seen or encountered.

Flak: Over the target this group encountered moderate, inaccurate heavy flak of from 2 to 4 minutes duration. Black in color. No other flak was encountered. Nine aircraft holed. (One severe, eight minor) [Casualties from flak: Three slightly wounded.]

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