28 B-24’s took off at 0557 – 0621 hours to bomb Avisio Viaduct. 2 returned early (one early return jettisoned 2-1/2 tons and the other early return returned 2-1/2 tons to base). 26 dropped 65 tons 1,000 lb GP bombs (.1 & .01 fusing) on target at 1009 -1011 hours from 22,000 – 23,000 feet. 25 returned to base at 1305 hours. None lost. None missing. 1 at friendly field.

Route and Assault.
Rendezvous over MANDURIA at 8,000 feet at 0708 hours behind the 450th as the fourth group in the Wing. Thence to SAN VITO to keypoint (4340N – 1350E) at 15,000 feet at 0855 hour5s to turnpoint CONEGLIANO (4554N – 1218E) to IP FIERA D. PRIM (4611N – 1150E) making a left turn onto target and attacking on an axis of 265° True. The rally was right then left around the TRENTO flak area to CONEGLIANO to keypoint to Base. Rendy was made with 35 P-38’s at 0954 hours at 23,000 feet at 4554N-1218E) and departed at 1123 hours at 4341N-1353E at 8,700 feet. Escort was good.

Target appeared to have had several direct hits. (Visually observed). Photo coverage shows at least three direct hits on the viaduct and one near miss.

Enemy Resistance

Fighters. One unidentified A/E A/C was seen at 1045 hours from 17,000 feet near VENICE. Three P-38’s were chasing.

Flak. Over the target this group experienced scant to moderate, inaccurate, heavy flak. Color black – with few white bursts. Three to five minutes duration.

OBSERVATIONS …. 1046 hours 16,500 feet, 4534N-1302E, a B-24 was seen headed in to the Yugoslav coast. Appeared to be under control. …. 1100 hrs 5,500 feet, 4130N – 1630E, Green spots were seen in the water with six air sea rescue boats.

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