28 B-24’s took off at 0546 hours to bomb the ALIBUNAR A/D. 1 returned early, returning bombs to base. 26 dropped 58.05 tons of 20 lb clustered frag bombs on target at 1021 hours from 21,700 to 22,800 feet. 1 jettisoned 2.25 tons and 1 of the A/C over the target jettisoned .45 tons. 27 returned to base at 1251 hours. None lost, none mission, and none at friendly fields.

Rendezvoused with 98th and 450th Groups at SAN VITO at 9,000 feet at 0705 hours. Thence to turnpoint at Scedro Isle (4305N – 1642E) to 4350N – 1654E to 4508N – 1720E to 4630N – 1655E to 4650N – 1810E to IP to target, attacking on a heading of 135° True. Rallied right and returned south of briefed course to avoid bad weather. From rally, proceeded to 4430N – 2040E to 4235N – 1912E to 4210N -1920E to base. The weather report showed that no clouds interferred with climb on route out. Over Dinaric Alps, there were 9/10 middle level clouds below flight level but these cleared off over the lower lands. Remainder of route and over target only 2/10 patchy middle level clouds with the target itself clear and visibility good. Altitude had to be maintained on return until over the towering cumulus over the Dinaric Alps. Let down over Adriatic was unimpeded by clouds. 7/10 cumulus cloud at 6,000 feet over base on return. No escort was provided. No radio jamming was reported.

Photos show that bombs fell in the middle of A/D, walking into aiming point area, and extending SE into the fields with the majority of the bombs in the aiming point area. Two parked A/C were probably destroyed.

Fighters. No E/A were sighted airborne.
Flak. No flak was experienced at the target, or along the route.

[Losses: None. Damage: None. Casualties: None. Victories: None.]

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