28 B-24’s took off at 0725 to 0745 hours to bomb airdrome installations at the BUDAPEST/VECSES A/D. 28 dropped 70 tons of 500 lb (.1 and .01) G. P. bombs on target at 1121 hours from 21,000 to 23,800 feet. 28 returned to base at 1402 hours. 28 sorties were credited. None lost. None missing. None at friendly fields.

Route and Assault.
Rendezvoused with 450th Group over MANDURIA at 8,000 feet at 0842 hours and the 376tha dn 98th Groups were picked up on course to SAN VITO. The formation proceeded to SIPAN Island where it arrived at 0936 hours at 14,600 feet. From there the course was a follows: DRINJACA, 1011 hours, 18,500 feet; NOVI SAD, 1020 hours, 19,500 feet; SUBATICA, 1048 hours, 22,300 feet; Abony, 1109 hours, 22,500 feet. The I.P. (NAGYKATA) was reached at 1114 hours at 22,500 feet. The run on the target was made on an axis of 273 degrees true. The rally was sharp left and then right to avoid flak. From there the course lay to CZECZE at 1135 hours at 20,000 feet; to MODRICA at 1214 hours at 19,000 feet; thence to BRAC Island to Base. At 4440N – 1938E, 1020 hours, 32 P-38’s were met. They were last seen at 4350N – 1740E at 1235 hours. The escort was considered excellent.

Target was well covered. The aiming point was hit by a heavy concentration of bursts and surrounding installations appeared destroyed. No clouds or weather impeded rendezvous or route out. Target was clear. On return clouds built up over DINARIC Alps to 17,000 feet and delayed let down. From ADRIATIC in there was 4/10.

Enemy Resistance

Fighters. None. Flak. M/I-I-H over target and for 15 miles South of Budapest.

[Losses: None. Damage: None. Casualties: None. No victories.]

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