29 B-24’s took off at 0717 hours to bomb Gun Positions at Y-867995 and Y-836989. 1 returned early, jettisoning its bombs. 13 dropeed 30 tons on Y-867995 and 13 dropped 30.5 tons on Y-836989 of 500 lb FDX bombs (.1 and .025 fusing) at 1149 hours from 22,500 to 24,500 feet. 3 of these a/c jettisoned 7.5 tons and 2 a/c that turned back before target jettisoned 5 tons. 24 returned to base at 1532 hours and 2 that landed at friendly fields returned to base later. 1 crash landed at friendly field with crew all safe, and 1 is missing.

Route and Assault.
Rendezvoused with 376th Group at Grottaglie Air Base at 10,000 feet at 0816 hours and on course with the 98th and 450th Groups. From rendezvous proceeded to keypoint (4101N – 1356E) to turnpoint (4214N – 0832E) to turnpoint (4240N – 0550E) to I.P. to targets with A section attacking on a heading of 23 degrees true and B section attacking on a heading of 21 degrees true. Rallied left back out over the water and proceeded to turnpoint (4240N – 0550E) to reciprocal of route out. Formation broke up approximately at Corsica and returned to base individually. The weather report showed 5/10 middle level clouds above flight level on take-off. No clouds impeded climb or route out. Target area was absolutely clear with excellent visibility. Clear on return until over APPENINES where formation had to come under 5-7/10 deck of clouds with bases at 8,000 feet. Base clear for landing. No specific escort was provided by 12 to 15 P-51’s were seen in target area at 1150 hours and left formation in same area. No radio jamming reported.

Photos show that A section had 3 bursts on northern edge of target area with remainder of pattern extending north 1,000 to 2,000 feet. Photos of B section were obscured by smoke from bomb bursts but it appears that the target was not hit, with the bomb pattern falling on the northern edge of target area and extending about 1,000 feet north.

Enemy Resistance
Fighters. No E/A were sighted. Flak. Flak at the target was M/I-A-H.

Total Losses: 1 crash landed at friendly field. 1 missing (believed at CORSICA). Damage: From Flak, 12 ships holed (10 minor, 2 serious) Casualties: 2 wounde (both minor) from flak. Victories: None

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