28 B-24’s took off at 0820 to 0909 hours to bomb VOSENDORF Oil Refinnery in the VIENNA area. None returned early. 14 dropped 27.5 tons 500 lb (.1 and .025 fusing) RDX bombs on target at 1323 hours from 23,600 to 25,300 feet. Bombing was visual. 14 dropped 27.75 tons 500 lb (.1 and .025 fusing) RDX bombs on the alternate target, South VIENNA Industrial Area taking as an AP a small M/Y and railway bridge some 8,000 feet NW of briefed target. This bombing was also visual (a correction over the Final Report.) 2 jettisoned .75 tons. 27 returned to base at 1603 hours. 1 landed at a friendly field. 28 effective sorties were credited.

Rendezvoused with 450th and 376th Groups on the MANDURIA – SAN VITO line at 0936 hours at 8,000 feet. The course then lay over the KP at 4410N – 1410E, thence to the GARIOLAS Island at 1145 hours. From this point the course lay over ORNOZ at 1236 hours. A swing to the left of PRIEN was made to avoid weather. The IP (PARNITZ) was obscured by clouds. However, from its approximate location a run was made on the target at 77 degrees to 82 degrees true. The rally was right. The return to base lay over Lade NEUSIEDLER, PAKRAC (4526N – 1712E), to the SCEDRO Islands, to base. P-51’s, number unreported, were sighted at 4625N – 1609E at 1235 hours. Because of weather their course and departure were not noted.

No bursts are visible in the primary target because of complete smoke coverage. Those bursts visible show strings walking into target area. Second attack unit bursts are concentrated in residental area around railway bridege 8,000 feet NW of AP for briefed target. The lead of the second attack unit had its PFF shot out on the bomb run. At the same time there were malfunctions of C1 (automatic pilot), the PDI, and interphone system. The target area was partially obscured by 4/10 cumulus with tops at 24,000 feet.

Fighters: None

Flak: Flak at the target was I – A – H lasting 5 – 6 minutes. Bursts of black, red, and a few white were seen.

Total Losses: None. Damage: From Flak – 19(slight). Casualties: None. Victories: None.

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