28 B-24’s took off at 0606 to bomb SZEGED R/R Bridge at SZEGED, Hungary. 1 returned early. 27 a/c were over the target at 1034 hours, 21 of which dropped 52.5 tons 1,000 lb (.1 and .01 fusing) GP bombs on target from 19,500 feet to 23,600 feet. 6 others returned 15 tons to base. None lost. None missing. None at friendly fields. 27 returned to base at 1240 hours. 21 effective sorties were flown.

Rendezvoused at SAN VITO with 376th and at o721 at 7,000 feet on course to TP SCEDRO Isle (4305N – 1723E) at 12,000 feet; to KP BOHONYE (4624N – 1723E) at 0943 at 20,000 feet; to TP MERNYE (4631N – 1750E); to KECZEL (4632N – 1915E). The lead group at this point was N of course about 15 miles and the 449th Group made a dog leg to the N to try to fall in behind. This maneuver not being too successful, a substitute IP of KIS_IUN_HALAS (4625N – 1929E) was used by lead box for the bombing run on an axis of from 90 to 135 degrees for all boxes. Target time was 1043, 28 minutes late, probably due to the maneuvering necessary to get behind the lead group. Altitude at target was 19,700 to 23,600 feet. The rally was right and the formation proceeded to BIJELKINA (4614N – 2008E); to just N of RAGUSA to base. There was no escort. No clouds near flight level over entire route out. 4/10 low cloudiness over Dinarics and high level clouds (1/10) at 28,000 feet over southern Hungary and the target. Visibility over the target was unrestricted. On return low clouds over the Dinarics were developed up to 15,000 feet delaying let-down slightly. No cloudiness hindered landing at base.

Bomb strike photos substantiate visual report of a very good pattern of bursts on or near the bridge. At least 4 direct hits were visually reported with the first bomb dropped getting a direct hit. One box was unable to bomb because of a box of the lead group passing under them on the bomb run. 1 column of black smoke was seen on the N bank of the river near the end of the bridge extending to a height of 5 – 6,000 feet.

Fighters: None Flak: None

Total Losses: None. Damage: None. Casualties: None. Victories: None.

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