28 B-24’s took off at 0611 to 0632 hours to bomb the Train Ferry Boat on Danube River in the vicinity of GIURGIU, Roumania. 1 returned early jettisoning 2-1/2 tons in open fields at 4313N – 2132E. 19 Dropped 44-1/2 tons of 500 lb GP (.1 and .01 fusing) on the alternate target, the Ferry Terminus at GIURGIU, Roumania at 1051 hours from 22,000 to 24,000 feet, and jettisoned 3 tons. 3 jettisoned 11 tons and 5 returned 12 tons to base. The primary target was not seen. 1 lost. None missing. None at friendly fields. 19 effective sorties were flown.

Rendezvoused with 450th Group at MANDURIA on course to SAN VITO at 0722 hours at 7,000 feet, and with 376th and 98th Groups at SAN VITO. From rendezvous proceeded to keypoint RAGUSA (4231N – 1823E) at 0816 hours at 17,000 feet. Thence to turnpoint BELA PALANKA (4313N – 1823E) to South of turnpoint ROSIORII DE VEDE (4407N – 2459E) between it and IP, to second possible target area (4404N – 2633E). Made a 180° turn and bombed alternate target GIURBIU Ferry Terminal on heading of 269°. Rallied right and overshot turnpoint BELA PLANKA (4313N – 2219E), ran into overcast to SARDULICA (4242N – 2211E). Thence paralleled briefed course, about 30 miles south, to PETROVAC (4212N – 1855E) and then to base. Weather was as briefed except 6/10 high cloud over Adriatic at start. No difficulty experienced in take off, rendezvous, climb or enroute. Over target 4/10 cumulus base 8,000 feet. There was a great deal of interference on radio but it could not be identified as jamming. Escourt was good, 27 P-38’s and P-51’s meeting the formation near RISORII DE VEDE (4407N – 2459E) at 1028 hours at 22,000 feet and left at 4345N – 2451E at 1105 hours at 20,000 feet.

Visual observation reported that the bombed alternate target was missed, a few bombs falling the target area but most of them falling in the river. Photographic coverage showed most of the bombs (65) fell in the Danube River at MNO-12/13 on the target chart and 11 bursts on the river banks at MN-13.

Fighters: 5 ME-109’s were seen near NIS at 16,000 feet at 1155hours. Flak: Over the target flak was reported S/M, I/A, H, and the formation was in this flak for 2 to 3 minutes. It was of the aimed type and black in color.

Total Losses: 1 (Engine trouble near target and ran out of gas) Damage: From flak, 7 (very slight). Casualties: None. Victories: None.

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