28 B-24’s took off at 0750 to 0810 hours to bomb ALLACH BMW Engine Works. Three returned early. 24 dropped 48 tons of 1,000 lb GP and RDX bombs .1 and .01 tail fusing, on target at 1248 hours from 25,500 to 26,000 feet. 1 jettisoned 1 ton. 21 returned at 1611 hours. 4 at friendly fields, none lost, none missiong. There were 24 effective sorties.

Rendezvoused with the 450th, 376th, and 98th Groups over San vito at 0905 Baker at 9,000 feet. Thence to keypoint (4532N – 1243E) to turnpoint Lozzo Cad (4629N – 1228E) to turnpoint Chiem Lake (4749N – 1222E) to turnpoint Landshut (4532N – 1209E) to turnpoint Ingolstadt (4846N – 1125E) to I.P. Kuhbach (4829N – 111E) to target, attacking on an axis of 145 degrees true. The rally was sharp left until clear of flak, then a right turn, to rally point Erding (4819N – 1157E) to Chiem Lake then reciprocal of route out to Base. Rendezvoused with approximately 70 P-38’s and P-51’s at 4532N – 1243E at 1126 hours. Departed at 4532N – 1243E at 1344 hours. Escort rating excellent.

A partially effective smoke screen prevented accurate visual observation of bomb strikes. Some hits are claimed on assigned target. Bomb strike photos show at least 10 hits throughout target area – majority of bombs fell to northeast and south of target.

A. Fighers. At 1227 hours from 25,000 feet at Landshut (4832N – 1209E), one FW-190, green in color, was observed well below the formation. There were no encounters.
B. Flak. Over the target this group experienced moderate to intense accurate flak, from 3 to 5 minutes duration.

[No losses. Ten aircraft with minor damage by flak. One crash landed. No casualties.]

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