38 B-24’s took off at 0819 to 0844 hours to bomb bulnerable points in the Brenner Pass R/R line. 1 returned early. Extremely poor weather conditions scattered the boxes causing most to choose targets of opportunity. 6 a/c dropped 14.75 tons of bombs at briefed AP’s while 27 a/c dropped 65 tons on targets of opportunity. 3 jettisoned 7.5 tons. 1 a/c landed at a friendly field and the disposition of its bombs is not known. Of the a/c dropping on targets, 5 ac jettisoned 2.25 tons. 1 early return jettisoned 2 tons.

All a/c loaded 500 lb RDX bombs with .1 and non-delay fusing. 27.5 tons of the toatl bomb load had delay fuses of 1 to 72 hours.

31 returned to base at 1406 hours. 5 returned after refueling at friendly fields. None lost. None missing. 1 at friendly field.

37 effective sorties were credited.


This group was to lead the 47th Wing with 15 minute spacing between groups. The formation passed over San Vito on course at 0920 hours at 8,600 feet taking a heading to Caorle (4536N-1252E). Caorle was reached at 1132 hours at 19,500 feet. From this point to the IP at 4714N-1210E 8 to 10/10 undercast prevailed. The condition of the weather forced the dispersal of boxes with but one finding openings through which briefed AP’s were attacked. The remainder of the boxes went east and bombed targets of opportunity. Individual boxes returned to base by reciprocal course to route out.

No escort was briefed, but P-38’s and P-51’s were sighted in the vicinity of the target (4642N-1139E).


The bombing information below is submitted after photo interpretation of bomb strike photos and after reconcilation of such interpretaion with maps and target charts. This information supersedes and corrects telephoned results.

(1) 6 a/c dropped 14.75 tons at briefed AP (205/940, Bressanone, Italy, Sheet 4-A, 1:100,000) from 20,000 feet at 1242 hours. Results were good with a concentration in the M/Y.

(2) 6 a/c dropped 14.25 tons at highway and railroad bridges at 4557N-1242E from 18,500 feet at 1308 hours. Results good with close pattern causing some damage.

(3) 12 a/c dropped 29.5 tons at highway bridge at 4607N-1255E from 20,800 feet at 1258 hours. Results were poor with the pattern falling short of the bridge.

(4) 4 a/c dropped 8.75 tons at bridge at 4544N-1242E from 20,000 feet at 1305 hours. Target missed — bombs over.

(5) 5 a/c dropped 12.5 tons at dam at 4648N-1148E from 20,000 feet at 1242 hours. A close pattern missed the dam. No damage.


A. Fighters: None

B. Flak. None

[Losses: None. Damage : None. Casualties: None.]

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