28 B-24’s took off at 1112 to 1155 hours to bomb troop concentrations at Podgorica, Yugoslavia. No early returns. 28 passed about 4 miles right of the target at 1444 hours but no bombs were dropped because of weather. The total bomb tonnage of 56 tons was returned to base.

There were 28 non-effective sorties.


Rendezvoused at altitude of 14,000 feet over base at 1221 hours and proceeded to point 4153N-1852E about 20 miles west of IP Bar (4205N-1906E) when a 180 degree turn was made at 1300 hours to return to base because of weather. Another 180 degree trun was made over Brindisi at 1335 to return to the prescribed target. Two 360 degree turns were made on course over Adriatic at 1355 and 1415 hours to gain altitude. Passed over IP at 19000 feet at 1430 houss but forced by weather about 4 miles to right (south) of target. Continued on same heading to point of farthest penetration 4235N-1935E at 19,000 feet at 1445 hours, looking for opening in clouds. None appearing, made left turn to left (south) of Scutari to point on coast 4145N-1934E at 14,000 feet at 1503 hours. Thence returned to base at 1602 hours.

Weather — 5/10 low clouds at 3,000 feet hindered rendezvous and climb. Heavy cumulus base 3,000 feet and tops above 25,000 feet obscured target. 4/10 to 8/10 stratocumulus low clouds hindered landing procedure on return.

No escort observed.

No radio jamming reported.


No bombs dropped.


A. Fighters: None

B. Flak. None

[Losses: None. Damage : None. Casualties: None.]

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