27 B-24’s took off at 0800 to 0831 hours to bomb Vienna/Schwechat Oil Refinery. 1 returned early. 1 returned prior to the formation having bombed a target of opportunity, a bridge at 4648N-1707E at 1206 hours with unobserved results. 23 dropped 54.75 tons of 500 lb (.1 and .01 – .025) RDX bombs on target at 1222 hours from 22,000 to 24,500 feet. 1 of these a/c jettisoned .25 tons. 23 returned to base at 1508 hours. 2 a/c landed at a friendly field but their crews were ferried to base. These 2 a/c jettisoned 4 tons because of engine failure. None lost, none missing.

24 effective ad 2 non-effective sorties were credited.

Rendezvoused with 450th Group over Manduria on course to San Vito at 6,000 feet at 0856 hours. From San Vito the course lay to Vis over which the formation at 1011 hours at 14,500 feet; thence to 4620N-1650E at 1120 hours at 21,500 feet; to 4800N-1800E at 1154 hours at 24,500 feet; to 4819N-1730E at 1203 hours at 24,500 feet. From that point a turn to the IP (4820N-1654E) from which a PFF run was made on the target. A sharp rally left brought the formation off the target to 4747N-1706E where a reciprocal course to base was followed.

Area cover by escort as briefed. P-38’s were sighted in the area from IP to target and through the area included in the rally.

Bombing was by PFF and results were unobserved; however, smoke and fire were seen through the overcast with one column of smoke to the right of this Group’s target rising to 15,000 feet.

The results of the visual bombing of the target of opportunity were likewise unobserved.

Weather in the target area was 8/10 to 10/10 undercast.


A. Fighters: None.

B. Flak: Nil; M-I-H at target.

[Losses: None. Damage: None. Casualties: None.]

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