28 B-24’s took off at 0751 to 0855 hours to bomb Adige/Ora R/R Bridge. 1 returned early. 23 dropped 56.5 tons of 1,000 lb GP bombs on target at 1127 to 1146 hours from 20,000 to 23,300 feet. 1 a/c bombed a target of opportunity, railroad at Cavalesk (4416N-1127E), dropping 2.5 tons at 1145 hours from 23,400 feet. 2 jettisoned 5 tons. 2.5 tons carried by the 1 a/c at friendly filed are unaccounted for. 26 returned to base at 1445 hours. None lost, none missing, 1 at friendly field.

There were 24 effective sorties, 2 non-effective sorties, and 1 a/c at friendly field is unclassified.

Rendezvoused over Manduria at 8,000 feet at 0855 hours as the third group in the wing formation. Thence to San Vito. Enroute to the keypoint, the groups in lead formation were right of course. This group followed to 4304N-1551E where a turn was made to the left, and a course direct for the keypoint 4532N-1244E was taken, from keypoint to turnpoint Farra (4607N-1222E) to I.P. Fredazzo (4618N-1136E), where a left turn was made to target attacking on an axis of 282 degrees. the formation was considerably strung out and bombed in the following order A-1, B-1, A-2 and B-2. A-2 box made one 360 degree at the I.P. area because the I.P. was missed on first approach. B-2 box cut I.P. short on the first approach in an attempt to close in with B-1 box. Another group was close behind B-1 so this box (B-2) did a 360 passing over I.P. squared away for target. Due to malfunction of nose turret (creep) incorrect corrections were given on the run which brought the a/c off axist of attack to the left. A 180 was made and the box attacked target on an axis of 003 degrees, making a rally to the right.

Route back from target to Canale S. Bobo (4609N-1143E) to Farra (4607N-1222E) to 4532N-1244E to base.

weather: On route out broken low clouds in area near spur below flight level. Otherwise route was free of clouds. visibiliby was slightly restricted because of haze to about 20 miles. CAVU at target, visibility over 30 miles, wind at altitude from 90 degrees at 40 mph. On return weather was the same as on route out except haze reduced visibility over souther Adriatic and Italy to 8-10 miles.

A-1 had good pattern on target with possible damage to West approach to bridge. Other boxes scattered bombs outside target area to southeast and south west. Bomb strike photos confirm.


A. Fighters: None.

B. Flak: Over the target this group experienced M/I-A-H flak of 2 to 4 minutes duration.

[Losses: None. Damage: From flak — 20 (1 serious, 19 slight). Casualties: 1 (a/c #16, tail gunner leg wound).]

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