34 B-24’s took off at 0930 to 0949 hours to bomb ST VALENTIN Tank Works. One returned early. 2 A/C jettisoned 4 tons of bombs, 2 tons at 4645 N � 1425 E when one plane could not keep up with formation because of an overheating engine, and 2 tons by the other A/C at 26 miles South of LINZ. 1 A/C dropped 1.5 tons of bombs on a R/R Bridge at 4636 N � 1430 E at 1304 hours from 18,300 Feet after losing an engine. 31 A/C dropped 60 tons of 500 lb RDX bombs on LINZ M/Y at 1357 hours from 23,000 to 25,600 feet. 33 A/C returned to base at 1643 hours. None lost, none missing, 1 at a friendly field.

Made remote rendezvous as the third group in the Wing line over PELAGOSA (4224 N � 1615 E) at 1113 hours at 13,500 feet.. Proceeded to SV ANDRIJA (4301 N � 1545 E) to keypoint SIRJE (4340 N � 1540 E) and thence slightly to left of turnpoint PACK (4659 N � 1459 E) after a dog-leg to the left because of weather. Thence to turnpoint GLOGGNITZ (4741 N � 1556 E after short dog-leg to left over BRUCK when lead navigator�s interphone went out of order, to 5 miles South of turnpoint to 4820 N � 1528 E. Then proceeded directly to LINZ on heading of 283 ° true. Rallied right to 4823 N � 1413 E then proceeded to point 4817 N � 1348 E to 4637 N � 1429 E on briefed course. Then on briefed course to turnpoint BROVIGNE (4458 N � 1408 E) to turnpoint 4340 N � 1400 E to base.
Weather on route out scattered low clouds base 3,000 feet and tops 7,000 feet with scattered high clouds near ZARA at 22,000 feet base. Tops of low clouds rose to 15,000 feet in vicinity of UDINE. At the target there were 10/10 cumulus clouds base of 3,000 feet and tops of 10,000 feet, and 5/10 cirrus at 25,000 feet. On the return there were scattered low clouds with tops at 13,000 feet down to the Spur, becoming 6/10 at the base.
40 to 50 P-51�s rendezvoused with the formation at 1320 hours at 4725 N � 1512 E and were last seen at 1440 hours at 4520 N � 1422 E.
No radio jamming was reported.

All bombing was done by PFF and no results were observed because of 10/10 cloud coverage, except that black smoke was observed coming up through the overcast. The bomb run was very good and it is believed the bombing was successful. Photos showed bombing through a complete 10/10 undercast with no terrain visible.

A. Fighters: None.
B. Flak �M/I � A � H at LINZ M/Y for a period of 3 to 5 minutes. S/M � I/A � H at BRUCK on route out. Germans wait until formation are well on their run and then use extremely effective aimed flak.

None lost, Red Force 26 damaged (5 major), 1 wounded, no victories.

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