28 B-24’s took off a 0828 hours to bomb LINZ NORTH MAIN M/Y. There were no early returns. 24 a/c dropped 47 tons of 500 lb GP bombs on the primary target at 1305 hours from 24,500 to 26,400 feet. One a/c dropped 2 tons on PRASDORF at 4748 N – 1222E at 1232 hours from 24,000 feet because engine trouble forced a/c to turn back. One a/c dropped one ton on ENDORF M/Y at 4753 N – 1217 E at 1248 hours from 22,000 feet because engine trouble had forced a/c to jettison one ton to stay with formation and finally to turn back. One a/c dropped 2 tons on WAIDHOFEN M/Y at 4758 N 1447 E at 1320 hours from 23,500 feet because bombs had hung up at primary target and toggle switch was inoperative. Disposition is unknown of the bombs of one a/c at friendly field. 26 a/c returned to base at 1554 hours and one a/c which had previously landed at a friendly field returned at 1738 hours. None lost, none missing, and one at friendly fields.

Rendezvoused over CAZZA at 1002 hours at 12,000 feet and departed on course as the second group in the wing line. Proceeded to 4412 N – 1341 E, to keypoint on coast at 4538 N – 1306 E, to $ACIL$ (4557 N – 1250 E), to WASSERBURG (4803 N – 1213 E), to EGGENFELDEN (4824 N – 1246 E) to I.P. to target, attacking on a heading of 112° true. Bombing was done by a combination of PFF and offset methods by individual boxes in trail. Rallied left to rally point at MONICHDORF (4822 N – 1448 E) and proceeded to JUDENBURG (4710 N – 1440 E) to ZARA (4106 N. 1516 E) to base.
The route out was clear to scattered low clouds with scattered high clouds over north portion of route. Low clouds were all below 10,000 feet and high clouds above 25,000 feet. North of the Alps, the high clouds became broken at 30,000 feet. At the target there was 4/10 low clouds to about 10,000 feet with 6-8/10 high clouds at 30,000 feet and visibility of over 30 miles. On the return route there were scattered high clouds over the entire route with the base clear for landing.
Rendezvous was made with approximately 30 P-51’s at 1212 hours at 4700 N – 1222 E. Escort provided excellent cover until departure at 1404 hours at 4510 N – 1450 E.

Because of a very effective smoke screen the primary target was attacked by PFF methods with some corrections made by use of offset check points. Through breaks in the smoke photos show almost all the bomb strikes in the residential section of the city. Photos show that the 716th squadron hit approximately 10,000 to 12,000 feet south of the aiming point, the 717th squadron hit approximately 4,000 feet north of the aiming point, the 718th squadron hit approximately 8,000 feet west of the aiming point cutting the RR tracks to WELS, and the 719th squadron hit approximately 3,000 feet south of the aiming point with probable hits in the center of the M/Y.

A. Fighters: No enemy fighters were sighted.
B. Flak -at the target was reported as I-A-H and of 3 to 4 minutes duration.

None lost, 9 damaged from flak (4 severe), no casualties, no victories.

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